Obama says "Only most of us have the right to object to immigration."

Or was he talking about Indians?

source: The Independent

Obama: The only people with the right to object to immigration are Native Americans

POTUS admitted that 'stitching folks from different backgrounds together' is 'hard but worth doing'

I thought I had everyone squared away on this last year, by posting this and this.  (Click on and read those links.  They’re awesome.  Some of my best work)  Well, we all know that this guy’s a slow learner.  Let’s quick review, to get this douchebag up to speed.  


I am a Native American, everyone in my family, for four generations, are Native Americans, almost everyone I know, is a Native American.  Native American means: born in America, nothing more, nothing less. You are not a Native American, because you were born in Kenya.  

Those people you must be referring to, whose ancestors lived in tee pees and fought the cowboys, are Indians.  Got it?  Indians!  Why are they Indians?  Because that’s what we always called ‘em, ever since Columbus discovered America and some half-wit (probably some white liberal) throwing two terms together and tacking some lame definition to them that no intelligent person could have possibly come up with, simply by examining the definitions of either of the terms separately, isn’t going to change things.

It should be noted that almost every Indian (The American Indian kind, not the convenience store kind), is also a Native American, so they definitely have the same right (and obligation) to object to immigration as I do.  As an American citizen, you also have that right, even though you were born in Kenya.

Now, do Indians have any special rights that I, any other Native Americans, or any foreign born, legal citizen do not have?  No! With the exception of the fact that foreign born citizens cannot become president of the United States.  Hey!  What a minute!  What’s going on here?  You were born in Kenya!  

Now where was I?  Oh yeah!  Do Indians have any special rights that I, any other Native American, or foreign born, legal citizen do not have?  Of course not!  (With the exception of what goes on, at the rez.)  Our country was founded on equal rights for everyone. (Do I really need to address the slavery crap?  That problem was rectified about 150 years ago. Anyway, that’s none of your concern, because you descended from whites, and Africans that were never in this country during the existence of slavery, and you were born in Kenya.)

Finally, do Indians have any special claims to this area we now refer to the United States of America that the rest of us Native Americans do not have?  Absolutely not!  Why?  Because we got the land fair and square by overpowering them.  That’s how it works, and just because you and your liberal buddies might not like it, that doesn’t change a thing.  Being there first doesn’t count for anything,  Just ask any group that lost territory to another group in a war.

Now I’m a reasonable man, and I am more than willing to support giving this land back to the Indians, but only if we start with the earliest offenders, and work our way forward from there.  As soon as we get all the lands in Europe, Asia, and Africa that were conquered in war, back to whoever originally occupied it, I will be happy to comply, but I’ll be damned if I ever am going to go along with any of this “only us Native Americans are going to have to feel guilty about how we got our land” shit.

Why don’t you shut up, stop trying to destroy this country, and go back to Kenya?


  1. Gads!! I hate that fucker.

    1. and almost every day, he does something to make me like him even less.