source: CBS Los Vegas

Two Calif. Women Camp-Out In Front Of Best Buy, 22 Days Ahead Of Black Friday

Beaumont, Calif. (CBS LAS VEGAS) – Two California women have already arrived at a Beaumont Best Buy to begin their annual camp-out – 22 days ahead of Black Friday sales.

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1.  Two people is not a line.  Two people is a dot.

2.  Did they ever notice that no one is behind them?

3. They're waiting outside for the better part of the month to get a good deal on a TV?  I'd rather pay full price or go without.  I wouldn't camp out in front of a store for one day for a free TV.  As soon as these things get a few years old, you can get em on Craig's List for a couple of hundred bucks, and relatives are willing to give you them for free.

4.  These two chicks need to camp out somewhere where they can get a life.

5.  These two are doing more to damage the image of women in general, than any woman bashing misogynistic male ever could.


  1. Looks like one of them can live off of body fat for the 22 days.

  2. I was going to mention something like that. I was kind of disappointed that both of them weren't fat. This seems like a perfect fat chick thing. Just sit around and do nothing. They're probably not doing anything different than if they were at home.

  3. Bet neither one has a job.....when you live off Uncle Sugar you can waste time doing stupid Shiite like this.

    1. It's quite obvious that neither has a job. I also suspect that they are on government assistance. If that's true, how come they are even in the market for a fancy TV? If people on government assistance can purchase expensive (even if they are on sale) TV's, then they are getting too much assistance.