Hope, but No Change

source: Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Democrats are planning an extensive review of what went wrong in the 2014 and 2010 elections, hoping to find ways to translate success in presidential campaigns into future midterm contests.
A party committee will conduct a "top-to-bottom assessment" of the Democrats' performance in recent midterm elections and try to determine why they have struggled to turn out its core voters in nonpresidential elections.

I can hardly wait to see the results of this.  The Democrats are going to “reassess” themselves, and try to figure out what went wrong during the recent election and campaign.

They will fail to come up with any solutions that will actually work.  What they will come up with, will be ineffective, counterproductive, and downright laughable.

Why do I say this?  Just look at how they approach problems faced by our country, states, and cities.  Instead of honestly evaluating a problem, they start with preconceived notions and suppositions, and then, work from there.  They always begin with the belief that any problem is caused by racism, sexism, poverty, or some other evil caused by rich white men, and assume that it can only be solved by spending more government money and/or taking away more freedom of the individual.  It’s the old blame, spend, and curtail freedom strategy.  Just try to come up with one exception to what I just wrote.

Over the past fifty years, the Democrats have grown more and more dependent on this strategy until it has become the only one they use.  So far, they have been very lucky.  They were lucky that they even came up with it in the first place.  If you look back at history, you can see that this wasn’t by design.  No one came up with some grand scheme for all of this. They just kind of fell upon it, as they pandered to various minority groups over the years. It has worked quite well for them, at least in terms of it winning them a solid voter base.

The downside of it is that it doesn’t solve problems, in fact it makes the problems worse.  We’ve seen it happen time and time again.  I suppose that that’s OK for the Dems, since they are actually more concerned about winning elections having power than actually solving problems.  

Right now however they aren’t dealing with the problems faced by our nation, states, or cities, they are dealing with the problems of the Democratic Party, and if they use the same problem “solving” strategy on themselves that they try to force upon everyone else, it could lead to their own demise.

The Democrats will sit down and go through the motions of reassessing themselves, but they will start out with their same old preconceived notions.

They will refuse to even consider that their policies and ideas are at the root of their problems.  They will not be able to bring themselves to do that.  Instead of honestly looking at what mistakes they made, they will come up with something that makes them feel good.

In the end, they will just double down on the blame, spend, and curtail freedom strategy, and we will see even more of the same from them in the future.  Maybe they’ll get away with it.  Maybe it will work for them.  Who knows?  It’s worked for half a century now.

One thing’s for sure.  The Dems are not going to be able to solve any of their problems, just as they can never solve any of our problems, and they will be left with nothing but hope.  Hope that the luck they have had in past with the blame, spend, and curtail freedom strategy holds out.  

They’re just going to have to hope that their voter base never comes to the realization that blame, spend, and curtail freedom strategy, does not solve problems, never has solved problems, and just makes them worse.

Democrats - Hope, but no change.

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