Happy Thansgiving

Author's note:  I've got stuff to do today, and I'm too lazy to proofread this.  Ignore the mistakes and/or figure out what I was trying to say for yourself.

Years ago, I first heard while listening to Rush.  The real story of the first Thanksgiving and the failure of communism.  Nowadays, every year, many bloggers will post same story, and I don’t disagree with them for doing so.  It’s a story that should be repeated as often as possible.  

The moral of the story is, communism doesn’t work, but let’s take a look at why it doesn’t.

Communism fails everywhere, every time, it is tried, and it’s not because (as liberals believe) a failure in execution.  It is due to a failure in principle.  Human beings are selfish and lazy.  They tend to not give a full effort unless they think that the fruits of their labor is going directly to themselves.  To confirm this, all you have to do is observe the amount of sweat produced during a community project versus when a farm family is trying to get all their hay up in the mow before it rains.

“Selfish” and “lazy” are generally pejorative terms, but being selfish and lazy are also two vital ingredients of survival.  A caveman didn’t expend any more effort at any given time, than he needed to, because he knew he might need to exert much more effort at a moments notice, at any given time.  (Like if a dinosaur snuck up on him and he had to quickly run away.)  Today, we call that, energy conservation.  

Being selfish and lazy are also two of the main ingredients for invention and human evolution.  Why did cavemen invent and use tools in the first place?  Because they made life easier, and that appealed to the laziness of human nature.  The more tools the cavemen invented to save themselves time and effort, the more time and effort could be devoted to developing new technologies.  Eventually, the cavemen with these technologies, permanently displaced those tribes who did not. Selfishness and laziness are in our DNA.  They’re not necessarily bad things, they’re just not conducive communal living.

OK, so we admit that we are all, by nature, selfish and lazy, and we understand that those two aspects of human nature are main reasons why communism does not work.  So why then, do we still have people who advocate communism, socialism, or some form of  it?  Oddly enough, the thought process of these people is driven by the very things that make communism fail.  They’re selfish and lazy.

“How can that be?” you might ask, “that the ingredients that drive human progress and evolution are same factors that motivate people to push a failed ideology?”   Go get a drink and a snack.  Explaining this is gonna take a while.

Alright, you all settled in?  Here it is.  Even though we are all selfish and lazy, we are not all stupid, we’re not all cowards, we’re not all greedy, and we all don’t have a lust for power.  All liberals however, have at least one of those last four attributes, any one of which can make one susceptible to lure of communism.  Let’s take a look as to how.

Easiest explanations first.  Many liberals are just too stupid to even have ever considered any of the things I have just written above.  They never even thought about the fact that socialism and human nature are at odds with each other, or they naive enough to think, “This time, things are going to be different.”

Liberals are often cowards. They’re just as selfish and lazy as anyone else, but they are afraid of looking as if they are.  That is why they tend to gravitate towards things like government, academia, or community service.  Areas where there is no direct comparison with a competitor, or other measure of effectiveness.  These are the type of people that would rather participate in a tug of war at a picnic, than a race.  If their team loses, nothing can be blamed directly on them.  These people often once tried and failed to make it in the real world, and rather than trying again, they quit entirely.  

There’s nothing wrong with that.  We need community organizers (or do we?) too.  The problem is, that these people resent the people that did try and try again, and then eventually succeeded.  That’s where that “You didn’t build that”, “It takes a village”, “99% vs 1%” crap comes from.  It’s OK to be lazy (we all are), just don’t resent those who weren’t quite as lazy as you.

The funny thing about liberals is that although they are the first to accept Darwinism as vehicle to explain away the existence of God, they are the least likely to accept the modern day consequences of it. The people I described in the above paragraphs, should been swept away long ago, but now, we either find homes for them in government or education, or we simply give them money.

Although liberals share the same qualities of laziness and selfishness as everyone else, many of them lack the competitive spirit that most of the rest of us have.  Their favorite solutions to the problems of disparity always involve taking from the winners and giving to the losers.  The end result of this will always be more losers, and fewer even trying to be winners.  Eventual failure for all, is guaranteed.

Greed is a term that liberals love to toss around, but like laziness and selfishness, depending upon how you define it, greed is not always a bad thing.  Lefties will describe a rich businessman as being greedy, but in his pursuit of wealth, the businessman enriched many more people than just himself.  In a free market, you cannot conduct a transaction without enriching someone else.  A customer values a baker’s bread more than the money the baker is charging for it and vice versa, plus the government takes their share to run all those wonderful liberal programs.  Even if the baker is greedy, other people benefit from his greedy scheme of turning bread into money.  These last two sentences can be described as “creating wealth”.

My definition of greed is obtaining wealth without creating it.  Like say, a community organizer, from Illinois, who was born in Kenya, never produced a dime of wealth in his life, and is hell bent on taking as much wealth from people who did create it as he possibly can.  Another example might be a community organizer that somehow manages to make money simply by infusing himself whenever there is a case of racial tension that makes national headlines, and nets even more money by not paying his, as liberals love to say, “fair share” of taxes.

The people in the above paragraphs are lucky liberals, who managed to use their greedy desires into wealth at the expense of others under the current economic system we now have.  There are still more, many more with every bit as much desire for wealth and power with just as little work ethic and competitive spirit.  These are the people who openly express the desire to bring about a full blown communist revolution, thinking that they will be the ones in power is such a thing ever occurred.  They’re too stupid to realize that, that is a very dangerous game.  They should look at Russian history and note how many people who supported the Bolshevik Revolution, simply disappeared shortly after it was over.

All of the different types of liberals that are described above are both selfish and lazy, but unlike the caveman, unlike the businessman, they don’t produce anything that creates any wealth or benefits mankind in any way.  Neither does communism/socialism.  Can you think of any item (other than various forms of punishment, murder, and torture) that was invented in a communist country?

Communism always fails.  No matter where it is tried.  No matter what level at which it is imposed.  Either from within, because of laziness and selfishness of the people who must endure it, or from the outside, by being economically overwhelmed by people/countries that have a competitive spirit and are allowed to produce as much wealth as they can.

Happy Thanksgiving, and when you’re thinking of things to be thankful for, be sure to be thankful (that at least up until now) don’t live under the tyranny of communism.

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