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If I ever accomplish one thing with this blog, I would be satisfied if it were to help finally kill off the magic carburetor/magic car conspiracy theory.  It was bullshit, the day it was concocted, it is bullshit today, and will be bullshit each and every time it resurfaces in the future.

Consider this: An average automobile gets about 30 mpg, right?  Cars are about 20 - 30 percent efficient, right?  Let’s say you could build a car that was 100 percent efficient.  (Which we all know is not even close to possible.)  That would mean that our car would get at most, 150 mpg. (20% equals one fifth so 30 x 5 = 150)

150 mpg.  In a car that was 100 efficient.  That’s nowhere near what the magic Volkswagen gets in the latest round of the bullshit magic car conspiracy theory.

source: Jalopnik

The MPG Conspiracy Theory Is Crap, And Here's Why

The MPG Conspiracy Theory Is Crap, And Here's Why
Ugly fucker, ain't it?

The conspiracy theory has been around, in various guises, over the years. The most common example, up until recently, was that somebody had developed a magical carburetor that could give you 100 miles to the gallon, nay, 200 MILES TO THE GALLON.
Depended on who you asked, really.
The protagonists have different names in each version. Here's one with a "Tom Ogle." Here's one with "Mike Shetley." Here's one with "Charles N. Pogue," and his miracle vapor carburetor. Here's a super-Opel that supposedly gets 376 miles to the gallon. Forum trolls tout their glories, and lament their mysterious failures.
The magic solutions always meet the same fate. The inventors "disappeared," or even died under spoooOOOOooooky circumstances. Sometimes the inventions themselves are just "suppressed," and whatever that means, we're all just supposed to accept, with knowing nods.
Because Big Oil is a monster.

If that doesn’t convince you, read this:

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