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Advice To Liberals: 10 Lessons You Have To Learn To Avoid Another Shellacking

The recent trouncing Democrats experienced in the midterm elections proves you need to compromise. You will have to embrace the new (redder) American demographic if you want to revive your shrinking party.
Chris Matthews Mad Midterm Election 2014To prove that we are gracious winners, we are offering up ten bullet points that will help you succeed in the more conservative environment. We are all about helping liberals here at I’m 41.
  1. You need to become more moderate. You can’t let your agenda be driven by the fruits and nuts of the fridge far left.
  2. Seal the border. The American people want their borders sealed. Any congressman, senator, or governor who plays this issue lip service, and then works to keep it open will get their ass kicked in the next election.
  3. Embrace the deportation of illegal aliens. You can’t win elections while calling for amnesty. They take jobs from unskilled voters. They drain our healthcare and school systems of resources. And they have swamped our law enforcement agencies. Every time a democrat says, “comprehensive immigration reform,” you lose a hundred votes.
  4. Support dismantling Roe v. Wade. As a party, democrats you can’t expect to keep winning elections while making the murder of innocent babies a part of your party platform.
  5. Stop letting homosexuals bully the Democratic Party. They make up only 1.3% of the population, and most Americans are disgusted by them.
  6. Drop the Redskins name change dipshittery. It cost you a few senate seats.
  7. Boot the anti-Semitic Nazis and Islamonazi from your ranks. Seriously. The American voters stand with Israel.
  8. Push for the repeal of Obamacare. You will endure conga line of ass kicking until the ACA cement boot is removed from your feet. You must support the total repeal of Obamacare – not fixed – repealed.
  9. Embrace the second amendment. All I need to say is look at the polls.
  10. Call for tax cuts. High taxes mean a horrible economy and the American people know who to blame when they enter the voting booth – you!
Bonus: The war on women, and the race-bait bullshit is over. You have made yourself a self-parody by repeating them.

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