Yeah, there's a real loser here, and it ain't the Cowboys

This guy better have had a $10 thousand, or higher bet on this game, and was depending on the winnings to keep him from going into foreclosure on his home, or he is the biggest loser of all time.  Thanks to his friend with the phone, the whole world knows it too.

I don't know about you, but I have so many real problems and worries, that who wins or loses a professional sporting contest doesn't even make it on my radar screen.

"No more games, no more games."

I just can't understand how grown adults can get so worked up about things that involve the words "play" and "game".


  1. Bread and circuses for the masses my friend

    1. It's probably good thing that football is the most important thing in the lives of guys like that. They'd probably be out promoting liberal causes if it wasn't.