What? Does the NFL own the rights to that word too?

I don't really know why, but it always irritates me when advertisers use the words "big game" instead of "Super Bowl".  Yeah, the NFL owns the rights to it, but do they have to be that greedy?  You can't even say the words in an ad without paying the NFL money?  How ridiculous.  Next thing you know, they will have trademarked words like touchdown, tackle, first down, pass, football, foot, and ball.

Anyway, somehow, the NFL must have gotten the rights to use of the word "Ebola" too.

Source: Infowars.com


Hospital workers told to refer to suspected Ebola cases as various "viral illnesses" instead
Dude, dude, I think you may have Ebo-... a bad fuckin' disease!

Dr. James Lawrenzi, a Kansas City-area family physician, said hospital workers are being told not to use the word “Ebola” if they treat patients who may have the disease.
“They’re threatening people ‘you’ll be fired, you’ll be let go if you use the word “Ebola,”‘” Dr. Lawrenzi said, noting that the hospital he works at in particular, Cass Medical Research Center, has not had any suspected Ebola cases.

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