Update: CDC Still Hoping Nothing Really Bad Happens

source: infowars.com


Doctors concerned by CDC's lack of response to Ebola
CDC Ignoring Half of Potential Ebola Cases
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is responding to only half the calls it is receiving from doctors reporting Ebola-like symptoms in patients, according to doctors who spoke to Infowars medical correspondent Dr. Edward Group.
The CDC’s lackluster response to upwards of 40 calls a day regarding potential Ebola cases is disturbing to the medical professionals who spoke to Dr. Group and it follows a similar pattern of performance by CDC officials who were slow to decontaminate both the apartment of the late Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncanand the ambulance used to transport him to the hospital.
When asked to comment on the response rate to these calls, the CDC Media Relations office at first referred us to its unrelated “CDC Hotline” and then refused to connect us directly to a public information officer on a sequential call because the office is screening questions from the press.
It’s no wonder then that doctors are having similar problems reaching the CDC, and such behavior is typical of the agency, which has so far placed more emphasis on the proper burial of Ebola victims than following proper disease protocols meant to prevent the virus from spreading in the first place.


  1. The CDC is following instructions from acting POTUS Valerie Jarrett. The powers behind the throne WANT a pandemic in the US, they NEED one. A pandemic now....just as midterm elections are pending would be OH so useful to them in so many possible ways. And if you think they are insane for wanting this to spread think about this. The US military has been studying filovirii for decades. In 1989 at a lab in Reston, VA they had an outbreak that killed dozens of lab primates. That means that if a vaccine IS possible THEY ALREADY HAVE IT.
    Now why would you send troops to LIberia etc. to "fight a virus".....doesn't make sense....unless you are field testing the vaccine on human guinea pigs who can't say no.

    The vaccine is almost certainly effective. Those who are on the ruling powers friends list will get vaccinated. The rest of us......tough shit. They intend to thin the herd via a plausibly deniable scheme by allowing a pandemic....by aiding in the spread of that pandemic via open borders, refusal to quarantine Africa and laughably ineffective screening procedures for travel.

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  2. i have been hearing conspiracy theories like the one you described for years. For each of them there are only two possibilities: The are true, or they are false. Unlike most conspiracy theories, the one you've described could be put to a real world test very, very soon. If we do have a massive Ebola outbreak, and certain groups of people seem to be suspiciously unaffected, the masses will grab some of them and throw them in a cage with infected patients. If they survive, they will be judged guilty beyond a reasonable doubt as co conspirators in the biggest murder case the world has ever seen. They will then, get what's coming to them. It will be similar to the way suspected witches were prosecuted back in 1600's and earlier times.