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This is how the left sees America

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I hate this cartoon.
I have concerns over ebola, and I’m not fat, don’t smoke or drink, and I don’t think I’m all that atypical.
What is this cynical douche’s point? Ebola is of no concern because America has people that over-indulge with things that can lead to an earlier than average life expectancy?
How does this cartoonist know that the caricature they’ve created, the slothy slob, is all that concerned with ebola? They don’t.
Should I make a cartoon where some effete swish is shouting “GLOBAL WARMING” while he presents his ass to a stranger in a public bathroom?

I hate this cartoon too, for all the reasons stated above and more, and it would have never occurred to me unless the author of the above post used the title that he used.
“How the Left Sees America” -  what a perfect title.  The cartoon implies the leftist idea that everything normal Americans do to enjoy to enjoy themselves is evil and wrong, and we’re all a bunch of racists for worrying about Ebola.  It tries to make the point that the risk of death (in purely mathematical terms) by Ebola is miniscule compared to the risk posed by the bad habits that some of us like to indulge in, we should be ashamed of ourselves for even thinking about it, and we should be ashamed of ourselves in general.
The cartoon and the left in general, fail to consider two things.  First of all, I don’t have to worry about catching some disease caused by someone else overindulging in food, tobacco, or alcohol, and don’t give me any crap about secondhand smoke (total bullshit and proven to be a myth.) or the danger of being killed by a drunk driver (which is vastly over inflated, but I don’t have time to get into that now).
Overindulging in any of the behaviors exhibited by the cartoon character above is not recommended and is indeed unhealthy, but they are things that many traditional Americans enjoy doing, and maybe that alone makes the decreased lifespan of someone who partakes in such things, worth it.
Whenever someone bites the big one doing something stupid and unnecessary (like skydiving or bungee jumping), sure as shit, you will hear someone say “At least he died doing something he loved to do.”  Well, you know what?  Smokers who die from lung cancer die from doing something they love to do too.  What’s the difference?  Oh yeah, you can’t brag to people, “I went smoking today.”  If skydivers and bungee jumpers only knew that most people are no more envious or interested in them then they are in smokers.  At least smokers don’t bore you with pictures they posted of themselves smoking on Facebook.
If the truth were to be known, the only problem that the left has with any of the behaviors displayed in the above cartoon is that many traditional Americans do indulge in them.  The left hates traditional Americans and the things that they do.  They have no problem with other risky behaviors though, as long as they are immoral or perverted.  Let’s face it, if you were truly concerned with public health, you would have condemned the practices that spread AIDS and HIV, every bit as much as you ripped on smoking, drinking, and eating fast food.
The other problem I have with the cartoon is the notion that just because someone is not leading an ideally healthy life, they have no right to be concerned about Ebola.  What a bunch of crap!  That’s like saying that just because you didn’t go right back and give a cashier the money, once you realized he gave you too much change when you are already thirty miles down the road, you have no right to lock your doors or have a security system in your house.
From what I’ve seen, the biggest concern most people have with Ebola is the inept way our government has handled things so far.  Come to think of it, our government has been pretty inept at curbing any of the behaviors displayed in the above cartoon.  In fact they have spent a shitload of money trying to combat these vices, yet the behaviors still exist and the left still wants the government to make more laws and spend more money to combat them.
If we have to depend upon our government to stop Ebola, the way they have tried to stop overeating, drinking, and smoking, we are going to all be doomed, broke, and dead.

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