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Picture and caption above found at: The Outrider will give a whole new meaning to the term “101st Airborne”.



source: The Daily Beast

U.S. Soldiers Get Just Four Hours of Ebola Training

As the U.S. military rushes to combat Ebola in West Africa, soldiers are receiving on-the-fly instructions on how to protect themselves against the deadly virus.
American military operations to fight Ebola in Africa are unfolding quickly—forcing the milit
ary to come up with some procedures and protocols on the fly.
Soldiers preparing for deployment to West Africa are given just four hours of Ebola-related training before leaving to combat the epidemic. And the first 500 soldiers to arrive have been holing up in Liberian hotels and government facilities while the military builds longer-term infrastructure on the ground.
For soldiers at Fort Campbell and Fort Bragg preparing for their deployments to West Africa, Mobile Training Teams from the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID), based out of Fort Detrick, have been tasked with instructing them on Ebola protocols.


  1. lambs to the slaughter. and it is oblama's fault. also the military chiefs should not have accepted the order to send them without realistic and effective training!

    1. I do this all the time. I hit the comment button instead of the reply button. See my reply below.

  2. If we get past this Ebola thing, it will be in spite of, not because of, Obama and our federal government, who will have done nothing to stop it and did many things to aggravate it.