No, I mean, "Get a REAL job"

How much ya wanna bet that none of these worthless sacks of shit pay any fees to whoever owns the rights to the characters that they are dressing up as and they are not paying taxes on any of the income they "earn".  Start crackin' down on those two things (like is done with any legitimate business) and you will see quick end to this nonsense.

source: The New York Times

What Elmo and Spidey Want You to Know: They Have Rights

Seeking Respect From Police, Times Square Mascots Form Alliance

Minnie Mouse and the Penguin from Batman huddled together, looking concerned. They were soon joined by Super Mario, Elmo, Hello Kitty and Goofy, who was carrying his big, plush head in his hands. After a few minutes of talking, they lined up in a row and began to clap and cheer: “Si se puede! Yes we can!”
These and dozens of other cartoon characters who populate Times Square gathered on Tuesday for a news conference to address their public image, which has recently devolved to seem more like the wicked stepmother’s than Cinderella’s.
The street performers have formed a group, New York Artists United for a Smile, that is hoping to create a culture of respect for them and for police officers, asking that the Police Department respect them in turn.
While the performers have pledged to create a system that would help internally regulate their organization and weed out the “bad apples” that have caused problems in the area, they also said they believed the police were singling them out unfairly.
A woman dressed as Minnie Mouse spoke on behalf of a new street performers’ group, New York Artists United for a Smile, which was formed to improve its members’ faltering public image. CreditAndrew Renneisen/The New York Times
Woody, the cowboy from “Toy Story,” held up a sign that said, “We have rights.”
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Ya want rights and respect?  Try playing by
 the same rules as everyone else does.


  1. Hey Neal;

    To the left...everything is a "right"...however they never mention the "responsibility" part of the equation. Goes against the narrative.

  2. I was amazed to learn what a nuisance they were to everyone.