Where Have I Been? What Have I Been Doing?

Just in case you are interested, I haven't died and I haven't quit blogging.  There is just some shit that I have to get done before winter.  

 The first thing is getting my Toyota truck rebuilt and a snowplow mounted on it.  I hit a deer with this truck back in 2008, and it's been sitting in the shed ever since.  I've done some work to it over the years, like rebuild the front end, replaced the brakes, and painted the frame, but it has definitely been a back burner project. 

I've been pushing my luck relying on just one truck.  This Toyota could never replace my GMC one ton, but I think it could get me by in the event that I had a breakdown, as long as we didn't have too big a snow fall.  Plus, I think it would be nice to have a truck that got more than 10 mpg.

OK, I admit it.  I got a personality flaw.  Many people, when buying something, will try buy the best thing they can find.  I try to find the worst.  It's like a challenge to me to see if I can bring a rough piece of equipment back to life.

I scored a plow for this Toyota for $200.  Not bad when you consider that some people are paying $6000 and more for a new plow, installed, but I'll tell ya, every component of this plow needed serious attention.  The blade, quadrant, A-frame, pump, truck-side mount, headlights, and controller were all shot.  Anyone with any common sense would have considered any these components, junk, and just thrown them away.

On the other hand, after spending another $200 - $300, I will have this $200 wreck of a plow looking and functioning like new.

Here's what I've got done so far:

Primed and ready for paint.  Still have to build a flatbed and a truck side snowplow mount for it.

3/8 x 6 inch flat stock for new cutting edge on left.  Look how worn the old one on right is. 

A closer look.  Two more snows, and I would have been eating away at my blade - not good.

Snow blades painted and ready to go. (Some assembly required)

Those flat semi-circular plates are Pro-Wing attachments.  Last time I checked, they're about $250.  I think I can build another set myself, for about $50. 
Pump and controller, both rebuilt and ready to go.

What's left of my truck side mount.  That's all I got to work with sports fans.  Everything between these top and bottom pieces was Mickey Mouse, hillbilly-welded junk.  Not even good enough for the scrap iron pile, but when I'm done with it, you won't ever be able to tell the difference from it and a genuine Western Snowplow factory issue piece.

Those are the snowplow lights on top of that pallet.  Even they had to be rebuilt.  They're 90% plastic, but any thing made of steel, including the screws was totally rusted away.  They got plastic sealed beam lights.  I figured for sure they would be burned out.  To my amazement, they both work, both high and low beams.  I bet at least one burns out, the first time I use 'em, which is both good and bad news.  Glass replacements will probably last ten years or more, but sealed beam lights have gotten kinda pricey, now that they haven't been standard equipment on new cars for over 20 years.


  1. Where do you live? Glad I live in the desert, no snow.

    1. Southern Wisconsin. I love snow, but I hate the rust road salt causes.