Ya Know, Now That You Mention It...

Check out this from The American Thinker

Sorry to be crude, but for all intents and purposes, America is currently the victim of a national rape, figuratively speaking – what our nation is experiencing on the southern border is a corporate violation.  Moreover, being implanted in...


I have written about things like this a number of times before.  You know, how liberals, on the surface, appear to be inconsistent and hypocritical.   This piece is a perfect example.

Liberals are in favor of abortion, and the reasons they cite to support it, are the very things we are getting more of with unchecked illegal immigration.  What could seem more inconsistent and hypocritical than that?

If you truly understand the liberal animal however, you will understand that from their point of view, this is neither inconsistent nor hypocritical. 

 Liberals are in favor of both things at the same time, because both things do damage to our country.  Both things are consistent with each other, and consistent with all other things they are in favor of, in that they all weaken and damage our country, which is the ultimate liberal objective. 

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