What a Shame

I found this at 70's Street Machines. (Another car site you should visit every day.)  How much do you want to bet that this car has been "restored" to bone stock condition?  What a shame.  You may not like it, but it was unique. 

 Remember that certain 'Vette you saw years ago, and you swore that someday, you would have one just like it?  It's probably gone now.  The car probably still exists, but those special touches that made you say "wow" are long gone. 

 Even worse, even if you have the money, even if you own a Corvette right now, you lost the creativity and individuality to own and drive what you once dreamed of.  What a shame. 

The world is in need of a lot of things these days, but the last thing it needs, is another bone stock Corvette.  

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