This Doesn't Make Any Sense At All

Everyone has been telling me that Google is made up of a bunch of liberals.

Aren’t liberals the ones who are always pushing carpooling and public transportation?  Aren’t liberals the ones who are so down on one person in a car at a time?

Then why in the world is Google pushing for cars that can operate with zero people?

Why on earth do we need driverless cars? Of all the things I have heard people wishing for, (flying cars, floating cars, invisible cars) I don’t ever remember anyone wishing for a driverless car.  How often do you need your car to go some place that you don’t need to go to?  About the only thing I can think of is the auto repair shop, but if your driverless car was in need of repair, it probably couldn’t drive itself to the repair shop anyway.  

Remember all the stories about cars and sudden uncontrolled acceleration?  It happened with Toyota just a few years ago and Ford about 15 years ago.  With Toyota, it turned out to be the floor mats getting stuck under the pedals, and with Ford was a cruise control problem.

If car manufacturers can’t make foolproof floor mats and cruise controls, what makes anyone think they can make a foolproof driverless car?

This foolishness needs to end immediately.  Talk about a solution in search of a problem, and here, the “solution” has a much greater potential to cause death and injury than any “problem” that its creators may be trying to solve.

source: LA Times

Google's driverless car will need more testing, watchdog group warns

Google to test self-driving cars
Oh yeah, and you just knew that it had to be butt-ugly.  What is it about these cars that no one wants, (electric cars, driverless cars, etc.) that they must always be ugly?  Why can't they make 'em look like '69 Camaros?  The only thing Google has succeeded in, is making a Prius look good by comparison. 
A consumer group wants the California Department of Motor Vehicles to slow Google’s rush to get driverless cars on the road.
Consumer Watchdog said the state’s regulations don’t allow enough time to test the self-driving cars before allowing them on California streets and highways.
“We urge the DMV to follow a sensible and deliberate approach that would require adequate testing and time to analyze the test results,” wrote John M. Simpson, Consumer Watchdog’s Privacy Project director, in a letter to DMV Director Jean Shiomoto.


  1. What like they think no one will ever hack the driverless cars? No way willI ever get in a "car" that I do not have the final say on Go, Stop and Steer. But really, why do you think they want to foist electric cars and "driverless" cars on us anyway? Control. Plain and simple. If I were to attempt to drive an electric car from DC to say Phoenix, how long would that take?? 2 weeks? 3 weeks? And a driverless car makes it even easier. "I am sorry sir, you are not authorized for the destination you requested..." Bull shit!! I will drive myself in MY car running on internal combustion, going where I please, like a free citizen.

    1. You are correct. People don't realize that with almost everything, as you increase convenience, you decrease independence. Who wants some gay electric driverless car anyway? My must have requirements in an automobile are: V8, dual exhaust, glass packs, big ass tires, and a manual transmission. Gotta have posi too. No one likes one tire burnouts. (Of course, they're better than no burnouts at all.)