Maybe I'm Just Ornery Right Now

I’m gonna tell you right now, I wasn’t in favor of any of those “cut your nuts off” for drunk driving laws that they’ve been passing since the ‘80’s.  A lot more guys lives were ruined just because they were pulled over after having a few beers after work, than were ruined by drunk drivers.  (Just try to get a driving job with a DUI on your record.)  

I do admit however that we had a problem, a big problem, and any reasonable measures taken previously had little or no effect on the problem.  Hell there’s still a lot of guys out there that get shit-faced and get behind the wheel.  Not me though.  Those laws ended my drunk driving career.  There’s no way I’m gonna let my life get ruined by a DUI.  I’m amazed that anyone still drinks and drives.  You’re looking at ten to fifteen grand, including fines, lawyers fees, and increased insurance cost over the next ten years if convicted.  I want no part of that.

Since no reasonable measures had any noticeable effect, we had to resort to unreasonable measures, which are doing some good.  Sometimes, that’s the only way you can solve a problem.

Well we got another problem that no reasonable measures have had any effect upon, and that is illegal immigration, and now, some people say that we cannot afford to solve the problem.

source: Fox News

Deportation Costs Surge As Growing Number Of Central Americans Illegally Enter U.S.
  • Deportation Flight US.jpg
As the tide of undocumented immigrants from Mexico is replaced by a growing surge from Central America, federal authorities in the United States are faced with the issue of returning home those migrants slated for deportation — now that "home" is a few thousand miles farther.
The Department of Homeland (DHS), the federal agency responsible for deporting undocumented immigrants, charters daily flights to return migrants to their home countries – but as the number of immigrants rises so have the number of flights … and the cost.
In its 2015 budget overview, the DHS has requested $229.1 million for the removal of undocumented immigrants alone — an amount that does not include housing and feeding them.
“When people look at the fiscal impact of immigration,” Marc Rosenblum, the Deputy Director of the Migration Policy Institute’s U.S. Immigration policy program told Fox News Latino. “This is one expensive slice of it.”

This is bullshit.  It’s time to solve the illegal immigration using unreasonable measures.  We need to have a “shoot to kill” policy at the border.  I’ll bet you’d only need to shoot about ten or so, and illegal immigration will cease completely and immediately.

And before you start giving me any of that “That would be inhumane.” bullshit, consider that more than ten people die every few days, trying to sneak into this country illegally.  This measure would actually save hundreds of lives, make the lives better for everyone who is here legally, and will hardly cost us a dime. In fact, we'll save money,

If I had my choice between ending illegal immigration now and having the drunk driving laws like they were in the ‘70’s and earlier, or having things like they are now, I would choose the former without any hesitation.


  1. is time to electrify the fence and set it to fry....sorry, but it's true...

    1. If we are truly concerned about the welfare of our own citizens, it is our onlyoption.