Loosing My Marbles

Did you ever notice that a guy who is a complete asshole or a complete fuck-up can get away with more shit than anyone else?  Everyone ignores his smaller errors/transgressions because they are overshadowed by his larger ones, and the sheer volume of his errors/transgressions makes it impossible for anyone to remember them all.  This is Obama’s formula for getting away with all the crap he’s gotten away with so far, and I doubt he’s going to abandon it before his term is over.

As far as he and his supporters are concerned, this has been a brilliant strategy - Piss off everyone who disagrees with you, and before the dust has settled, do something to piss off the other side even more.  His opposition can do only one of two things - either drop what they’re currently upset about, and move on to his latest outrageous act, or ignore his latest outrageous act altogether.  The criticism from the right cannot keep up with his output.  

If you define accomplishment as damaging the things and ideals that your opponents value, Obama has accomplished more than any president I can think of.

Liberals no appreciation for the necessity of morality and traditional values, and even conservatives often have a difficult time finding the words to explain their importance, but take any one particular thing - the importance of having a two parent family, for example.  We can get by with a high percentage of one parent households.  It’s obvious, we’re doing it right now, but there is a delayed action in paying the price for such a thing.  It might take two or more generations to even see the full consequences of it, but more importantly, it’s not just having the two parent families be the norm - that’s just one component of a complex social structure that took hundreds of years to evolve.

Whether you know it or not, whether you agree with it or not, there was a good reason for just about traditional value that existed, and they all worked in concert with each other to maintain a happy and healthy order to things.

Traditional values are analogous to some games that I remember when I was a kid.  There were quite a few of such games, but they were all similar in that they involved removing pieces until some type of structure fell apart.

Kerplunk, yeah, that's what it was called

I remember this one game that consisted of a cylinder with a bunch of holes with sticks stuck through the holes.  A bunch of marbles were poured into the cylinder, above the sticks.  The object was to remove the sticks without having the marbles fall to the bottom of the cylinder.  The first sticks were easy to pull out, almost meaningless to supporting the load of marbles.  As fewer sticks remained however, it became obvious which sticks were essential in supporting the marbles.  It would get to the point where removing just one more stick would make the marbles fall and end the game. It would lead one to believe that that one particular stick was the more important than any of the others previously removed.  It really wasn’t though.  If none of the other sticks had been previously removed, removing that one particular stick would not cause the marbles to fall, so all the sticks, if not equally important, had some value in supporting the load, even if it was not immediately apparent.

It’s the same way with American society.  The liberals have removed many of the sticks that help support society and the ones that are left seem so important - the ones that were tossed aside, years ago, were important too. I wonder how many people realize that.  It’s impossible to put the sticks back in now.  Maybe we should just let the marbles fall.


  1. Hey Neil;

    Very good article and I am afraid that the tipping point is almost her if we havn't already passed the point of no return. It will take several generations to reverse the damage that has already has been done and I don't know if we have that much time left as a country.

    1. It's most likely all over. All because of liberals who were too bold and conservatives who were too meek.