God-damned Stupid Government

source: WTOP

Arlington bans charity car washes due to pollution

ARLINGTON, Va. (AP) -- Arlington is cracking down on charity carwashes under new state storm water permits that could also affect activity elsewhere.
The Washington Post (http://wapo.st/1qduWIZ ) reports Boy Scouts from Troop 162 in Arlington were planning a carwash fundraiser for a weeklong canoe trip this summer. But their scoutmaster heard about new regulations, and their plans changed.
Virginia and other states use permit programs to limit pollution flowing into storm water systems. Those permits have recently become more stringent due to Chesapeake Bay cleanup requirements.
Arlington was the first Virginia jurisdiction to renew its program under tougher regulations and is cracking down on carwash fundraisers. Other jurisdictions are considering restrictions.
Kim Coble of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation says the impact of every school group and scout troop that holds a carwash adds up.

If they had a problem with the soap, they could have asked the scouts to use an environmentally friendly soap.  I'm sure the scouts would have been happy to comply.

If they had a problem with the water, how come they are OK with rain.

If they had a problem with the dirt, where do they think the dirt came from?  Where they think the dirt goes every time it rains?

I want everyone to go look at any large paved parking lot in any city.  They are covered with gasoline, oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and any other fluid one may pour into an automobile.  Where do they think that goes, every time it rains?  

Government, stupid government, God-damned stupid fuckin' government.


  1. Hey Neal,

    It is just the EPA, the rotten bunch of commies are hell bent on remaking America to save "Gaea". It is a bunch of bureaucrats secure in their offices making rules to make the ":little people" pay. It is to show their power....

    1. The EPA (and many other government agencies) is out of control. We are all going to pay dearly for it. Some more than others. Some will lose everything they have.