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Hillary Clinton Drops Out of Presidential Race to Become New Iron Maiden Mascot
Dead ringer for Eddie

Eddie, long time mascot for English heavy metal band Iron Maiden, announced his retirement last Thursday to the dismay of fans world wide.

"I'm just getting too old." said Eddie, "You think getting old's tough when you're alive, it's even tougher when you're dead. I just can't keep up with the touring and rock star lifestyle anymore."

Eddie's calling it quits, but fortunately, Maiden's found a "Dead Ringer"

Luckily for Maiden fans, the band has found a replacement, just in time for its upcoming album.  When offered the job, Hillary immediately jumped at the opportunity.  "I think it will be a relatively seamless transition.", said Clinton, "I can party with best of 'em.  Most fans probably won't even notice the switch."