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source: NBC Bay Area

Drones Banned at Yosemite, Park Service Says

The National Park Service is warning potential amateur pilots that drone aircraft are "prohibited within park boundaries" of Yosemite National Park.
The park service is referring to small "Unmanned Aerial Vehicles," like the DJI Phantom. Officials say, in recent years, the park has experienced an increase in visitors using drones inside the park to film climbers and views above the treetops in the national park.
An uptick in this kind activity isn't surprising. Recently, the price and accessibility of small, "personal" drone aircraft has come way down. Amateurs and hobbyists can outfit the devices with small cameras, such as GoPros, getting high definition aerial photographs for around $1,000.
"Drones can be extremely noisy," wrote the Park Service, "and can impact the natural soundscape."


  1. Tyranny is defined as the government doing things it won't allow the citizens to do.
    If .gov and their hired thugs can run such devices anywhere then citizens can.

    1. Drones are going to cause so many problems, and as they become smaller, quieter, and cheaper, it's only going to get worse.