More Car Show Suggestions

I’m being serious this time.

1. Do something to keep exhibitors from leaving before closing.  I hate it when I get to a show in the early afternoon and 25% of the entrants have already left.

2. Have a discount for early registration with an online sign up where entrants can post information about their cars.  I think this would be great.  People could check their smart phones for details about various cars.

3. Have a discount for vendor and car corral fees if sellers register early online and post their inventory or information about their car. I think this would be great for buyers and sellers alike.  It would be much easier for someone looking for a particular part or other piece of merchandise to find the vendor who actually had it this way.  I think this would increase vendor sales and car sales by quite a bit. Maybe even have this information available to the public a few days before the show.

4. Separate vendors according to what they’re selling.  Have the car parts guys here, the tool guys there, the memorabilia guys over there, and the people selling junk that has nothing to do with cars somewhere else.

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