See, All They Do is Make You Look Faggy

Ha, ha, ha.  I’ve been saying this for years.

source: The Telegraph

Cycle helmets are useless, says brain surgeon

Leading neurosurgeon tells the Hay Festival cycling helmets are 'too flimsy' to be beneficial

Neurosurgeon Henry Marsh has said that cycle helmets were useless
There, Now I look like a homosexual.

A leading neurosurgeon has controversially claimed that cyclists who wear helmets are wasting their time.
Henry Marsh, who works at St George’s Hospital in Tooting, London, said that many of his patients who have been involved in bike accidents have been wearing helmets that were ‘too flimsy’ to be beneficial.
He made the comments while speaking at the Hay Festival during a discussion with Ian McEwan, whose 2005 novel Saturday featured a neurosurgeon.
He cited evidence from the University of Bath that suggests that wearing a helmet may even put cyclists at greater risk. The research showed that drivers get around 3 inches closer to cyclists who wear helmets because they perceive them as safer.
He said: “I ride a bike and I never wear a helmet. In the countries where bike helmets are compulsory there has been no reduction in bike injuries whatsoever.

The Feel Good Story of the Summer

You just can’t help but feel good when you realize that you’re smarter than one of the richest guys in the world.  Apparently, Zuckerberg is not familiar with the phrase; "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me."

source: SF Gate

Zuckerberg, wife gift $120M to CA schools

You'd think with that much money, he could have found someone hotter.  My wife is hotter, and I  don't make shit for money.

MENLO PARK, Calif. (AP) — Facebook CEOMark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, are donating $120 million to the San Francisco Bay Area's public school system.
The couple's gift will be spread over the next five years and is the biggest allocation to date of the $1.1 billion in Facebook stock the couple pledged last year to the nonprofitSilicon Valley Community Foundation.
"Education is incredibly expensive and this is a drop in the bucket. What we are trying to do is catalyze change by exploring and promoting the development of new interventions and new models," Chan said in an interview Thursday at Facebook's Menlo Park, California, headquarters.
The first $5 million will go to school districts in San Francisco, Ravenswood and Redwood City and will focus on principal training, classroom technology and helping students transition from the 8th to the 9th grade. The couple and their foundation, called Startup: Education, determined the issues of most urgent need based on discussions with school administrators and local leaders.

Contrary to what Priscilla Gold Digger says, education is not “incredibly expensive”, the way we run our public schools is incredibly expensive, it’s just that liberals are too stupid to make that distinction.  

Education is actually cheap.  Think about anytime you ever taught anyone anything.  What did it cost you?  The same that it cost the person you taught.  Zero dollars.

You would think that after the New Jersey incident, Zuckerberg would have learned that this is just throwing money down a rat hole. Maybe, he’s just trying to prove this point to everyone else.  I hope so.  It’s hard to believe that he is that stupid.

Ethanol Sucks - Some Helpful Hints to All You Real Men Out There

Just so you know, just because I haven't been posting everyday lately, that doesn't mean that I've been sitting around doing nothing.  
The used snowplow I just bought is coming along nicely.  Just a few more welds and it will be ready for paint.  I figured as long as I was rebuilding one plow, I might as well redo the one I already had, and good thing I did.  The quadrant was cracked through (like happens to ALL Western plows.  The one I just bought is cracked in the same place.) and the bolt hole for the lift chain was almost worn through.  About 1/8th inch of steel left.  I sure would have hated to have that break when I was going 60 mph down the highway.

Anyway, this is what I wanted to tell you about.  We had a storm last weekend, and a tree blew down.  Last night I thought I would quick get a chainsaw and cut it up.  Everything was going nicely until I misjudged the pressure on the fallen tree.  I was cutting from the bottom when I should have been cutting from the top.  Needless to say, the saw got pinched.  No big deal right?  Just get chainsaw #2, and cut it out, right?  Well I tried to start it, and nothing.  It would start when I squirted some fuel in the carb, but would not stay running.  No biggie, that's what chainsaw #3 is for.  I tried to start that, and the same thing.  Thank God for chainsaw #4, I only have thee others after that to fall back on.  Well chainsaw #4 started, and I was able to cut loose saw #1.  

Oh yeah, here's another tip, no, two tips for you.  If possible, rather than cutting up a tree and dragging the pieces to where you want to burn them, once you get the tree cut from the stump, just chain the tree up to your truck and drag the whole thing to where you want to burn it. That sure beats dragging 50 limbs, 100 feet or more.  Tip #2, instead of making a big pile of green brush and waiting weeks for it to dry, try this.  Start a fire with some good dry firewood.  After that's burning well, start throwing on the pieces of green wood you just cut from the tree.  You can get rid of an entire green tree this way, and you can control how big the fire is.  If it gets too big, stop adding brush until it burns down a little.  No more unsightly brush piles sitting on your property for weeks or months.

Getting back to the chainsaws, if you have a chainsaw or any other piece of equipment like a weed whacker, that will start on gas squirted in the carb, but will not stay running, there is an excellent chance that the problem is a bad fuel line.  I have been told that ethanol in gas is the cause of this.  The fuel line on one saw was cracked, and the fuel line on the other saw had turned so brittle that I could grind it to pieces between my fingers.  The ethanol not only damaged the fuel lines, but it has ruined the isolation mounts on the saw handle too.  Maybe I should buy premium gas with no ethanol for my 2 cycle stuff, but I just know that I wouldn't stick to it.  

Tomorrow, I go get some new fuel line and fix 'em both.  I miss talking to all you guys (and gals).  Don't forget me.  I'll be back regularly as soon as I can.  What's happened the past couple weeks?  Are liberals still stupid?  Does Obama still suck?  I feel like I've been cut off from the world.

Just Letting Ya Know What I'm Doing

Before I say anything else.  Let's make sure we all take time to remember those who died serving our country and protecting our freedom, and even though Memorial Day is to remember the fallen, don't forget to thank our vets too. (We should do that everyday.)

I haven't quit blogging, but there's some stuff I have to catch up on this summer.  I'm paying the price for letting too much shit slide.  Now I gotta catch up.

There's a few projects that I've got to take care of this summer.  Once I get them done, it should be the height of the 2014 campaign season.  I'll still try to throw up at least one post a week till then.

In case anybody's interested, here's some of what I've been doing and what lies ahead.

First, I bought another snowplow. I always wanted to have a backup snowplow truck. If I ever had a breakdown and missed a snow, I would miss out on making more money than I'll have in the plow.  Of course, I have to have a truck to put it on.  I just so happen to have one.  It's been out of commission since 2008 when I hit a deer with it.  I've been slowly rebuilding it ever since.  All I have to do now is paint it and build a flatbed for it.

I paid $200 for the plow and will have to put another $200 in it, but when I'm done, it will look and work like brand new.  If I though anyone cared, I'd post some pictures of the rebuild. I'll never understand why guys pay four, five, and even six thousand dollars for a new snowplow when you can get a perfectly good used one for less than $1000.  Of course those are the same idiots that ruin $50,000 trucks plowing snow.  Snowplowing is hard on trucks.  Both the body and drive train.  I suppose if you can afford to piss away $50,000 on a new truck that's only going to be worth $10,000 in five years, what's $6,000 for a snowplow?

I finally got around to fixing some wind damage to my shed.  Added a shitload of diagonal bracing in the trusses.  It should be able to withstand a tornado now.

I promised my wife that I would redo our landscaping before the summer's over.  A lot of stuff winter killed this year with all the -20 degree weather, plus I've had it with that shitty low voltage landscape lighting.  Just a bunch of cheap plastic crap.  All that's going in the shit can.  I going to replace it with good old 110 volt with led lights.  That way I can put in a couple of outlets at the end of the lines.  They'll come in handy for a lot of stuff, like plugging in a vacuum to clean out the car.   Here's a good tip for all you home owners: Whenever running a new circuit, put in a few outlets, even if you don't think you'll need them.  They're cheap as hell and you'll be surprised all the uses you'll find for them.  I'll also put up a lamppost at the end of the sidewalk while, I'm at it.  My wife always wanted one of those.  Once that project's done, I should never have to mess with landscape lighting again.  It will be truly maintenance free, unlike that cheap, shitty low voltage crap where lights quit working the day after you install it,  What crap.  I can't say enough bad stuff about it.

So that's the plan.  Don't forget about me.  Like I said, I'll be throwing up at least one post a week till fall.  Thanks for all you who have been reading so far.

                                                                                                                              - Neil

Uh, John, Your Stupidity's Showing

Below is a perfect example of how stupid liberals are.

source: The Weekly Standard

Kerry: If We're Wrong on Climate Change, 'What's the Worst That Can Happen?'

What if '97 percent' of scientists are wrong?

Secretary of State John Kerry did not shy away from pejorative language when addressing "climate change" in his commencement speech at Boston College on Monday.  Kerry referred to those skeptical of the Obama administration's climate claims as "members of the Flat Earth Society" who are "risking nothing less than the future of the entire planet" by resisting implementation of the administration's policies.  At the very least, Kerry argued, what have we got to lose by taking the steps he and the president are advocating? [emphasis added]:
If we make the necessary efforts to address this challenge – and supposing I’m wrong or scientists are wrong, 97 percent of them all wrong – supposing they are, what’s the worst that can happen? We put millions of people to work transitioning our energy, creating new and renewable and alternative; we make life healthier because we have less particulates in the air and cleaner air and more health; we give ourselves greater security through greater energy independence – that’s the downside. This is not a matter of politics or partisanship; it’s a matter of science and stewardship. And it’s not a matter of capacity; it’s a matter of willpower.
Kerry also suggested there's not much time to act, because "things will change in a hurry," and indeed some things have already changed:
Two major recent reports, one from the UN and one from retired U.S. military leaders, warn us not just of the crippling consequences to come, but that some of them are already here. Ninety-seven percent of the world’s scientists tell us this is urgent. Why? Because if crops can’t grow, there’ll be food insecurity. If there’s less water because of longer droughts, if there are stronger and more powerful storms, things will change in a hurry and they will change for the worse.
Kerry seemed to be echoing the words of French foreign minister Laurent Fabius who last week at an appearance with the secretary said that "we have 500 days to avoid climate chaos."  As CNS News later reported, Fabius went on to warn that the earth stands at "the edge of a climatic abyss." He was heartened, however, from some "glimmers of hope," asserting that since the 2009 Copenhagen climate conference, "climate denial is – at least in Europe – less audible."

“What’s the worst that can happen?” - That question proves that he has never even listened to the other side of the argument.

We put millions of people to work transitioning our energy, creating new and renewable and alternative; we make life healthier because we have less particulates in the air and cleaner air and more health” -  This sentence proves that Kerry doesn’t understand where jobs come from. All these things mentioned involve spending money.  Jobs are not created by spending money (at least not in the long term).  Jobs are created by people making money.  Of course liberals hate that.  

Does Kerry really think that we can put millions to work” transitioning our energy, creating new and renewable and alternative”.  Who’s going to pay for these millions?  The government?  How is that any better for our economy than just having those millions on welfare?  The only way you can put “millions to work” is by producing products that people are willing to pay for.  

Times are tough right now.  How many people are going to be willing to pay more for fuel and products to fight a problem that doesn’t even exist?  Get your head out of your ass, John, and at least listen to the other side of the argument.

The worst that can happen is we will throw millions down a rathole, not reduce global warming one iota, fall behind in a competitive world marketplace, send our economy into a death spiral, and destroy the country.  Is that bad enough for you, John?  You fuckin’ idiot.  

How come I’m never offered to speak at any of these college commencement ceremonies?

Check this Out From "The Conservative Wife"

Take the time to read this story posted at The Conservative Wife.  Is it true?  The likeness is rather striking.  Whether it's true or not, have you ever known anyone with so many discrepancies, inconsistencies, and unanswered questions concerning his background?  How did this guy ever even get to be a state senator, let alone president? 

We all know that there have been no shortages of theories concerning who exactly Barack Obama's father is. I have speculated it the goat herding Kenyan? Or perhaps the pornographer and pedophile Frank Marshall Davis? Or is it perhaps that Subud guy that ran the cult that Stanley Ann and Loretta Fuddy belonged to? Or, could it be Malcolm X? 

I started looking at the Malcolm X theory a little more and I have to say...a very convincing argument has been put forth. And I'll be honest...after looking through all the information and verifying for myself...I think this is the right one. Let's break it down.

On October 28, 1959, Bari Malik Shabazz was born in New York City. He was issued social security number 084-54-5926 in New York in 1974. Bari is a Muslim name meaning "of Allah", Malik is Arabic for Malachi meaning messenger of God and Shabazz was the name chosen by Malcolm X. All of his children have the surname Shabazz. Malcolm X is reported to have 6 daughters and no sons with his wife Betty Shabazz, who was murdered by her Grandson, Malcolm, when he set fire to the home she was in. He was later killed in Mexico.

The theory is that Obama's mother is actually Jo-Ann Newman. I have seen some pictures on the web that try to say Stanley Ann is actually Jo-Ann Newman or even Elizabeth Duke who is a fugitive for justice for making bombs with Bill Ayers. I don't know about any of this but I don't think Stanley Ann was Obama's real mother. I get the fact that there are mothers out there who abandon their children but I still find it hard to fathom. As a mom, I couldn't imagine this. But Stanley Ann had no problem doing so. It's very telling that while she had no problem leaving Barry with her parents, she did not do so with Maya Soetoro. She kept her daughter with her. So why not Barry? If Barry wasn't hers, then that question is easily answered.

And why would Bari, the illegitimate son of Malcolm X be hidden? Because Malcolm X had been shaming the Nation of Islam leader, Elijah Muhammad, because of his sexual infidelities. Elijah Muhammad didn't like this and began making threats on his life. And on February 21, 1965, Malcolm X was gunned down in New York City. Just days after the threats against his life by the Nation of Islam really began heating up. How fitting that such a radical Muslim was murdered by other radical Muslims. I could care less. Back to this Bari character.

In 1982, Bari Shabazz was in Hawaii and he had a major traffic accident. This is verified. If you go to eCourt Kokua, you can either type in the name Shabazz or you can input the citation number of 1193041MO. There you will see that Bari Shabazz, from New York, was indeed driving in Hawaii in 1982 and that he did have a major accident. He was supposed to return to court to be arraigned but never showed back up. A bench warrant was issued for his arrest in May of 1982. A major accident would leave scars. Scars like these:

You can clearly see the presence of scars on Obama's head. And they are not small. These could have occurred as the result of a major car accident. I recall nothing in his little books about his life that would explain these scars. 

Interestingly, in August of 1994, at the age of 34, Bari Malik Shabazz died. According to the Social Security Death Index, Bari's death was verified, meaning some family member said he was dead. If a death certificate had been issued, it would be labeled with a "P", meaning proof of death. The index is also labeled as "PE" which signifies an inconsistency between what was reported and what was recorded in the government files.

Then in 1996, Obama was elected to the Illinois Senate. Perhaps Bari did not die....only his identity. On April 9, 2003, a prosecutor in Hawaii filed an ex parte motion to recall the bench warrant and announced on the record "nolle prosequi" which is a Latin term that is formally entered into a court record stating that the prosecutor in a criminal case will no longer prosecute. That's all fine and well, but why 21 years after the fact? I hardly think that a bench warrant issued 21 years prior would be such a priority that a prosecutor would use their valuable time to file motions to have it dropped. Then, on October 30, 2005, the case was again revisited. This time to change the fee amount to $0. But a notation was entered to "pls check". Now remember, Bari Shabazz supposedly died in 1994, so why would it be prudent to revisit the case not only 21 and 23 years respectively after the accident, but also 9 and 11 years after his death? No, someone asked this prosecutor to remove the arrest warrant and overdue fine from the computer system because if Obama is fingerprinted, and those prints run through any government database, that warrant would show up.

And let's not look over the fact that it has been stated that Barack Obama, Sr. was a friend of Malcolm X. I have seen this written but I don't have definitive proof. What we need, my dear friends, is DNA. And Maury Povich. 

"See, I Told You" Doesn't Work on Liberals

What’s more satisfying than watching someone who didn’t take your advice getting burned, and being able to say, “See, I toldja!”?  “Thought you were smarter than me, didn’tcha?”  “Thought ya knew better. Ha, ha”  
Of course, you only get to experience this with people who have some amount of common sense.  The truly stupid will never admit that they were wrong - even when it should be obvious to them. This is why it's so hard to deal with liberals.

You know how liberals are always saying that we need to spend more money on education?  No matter how much they get, it’s never enough, and lack of money is always the excuse for their failures.

Did you ever wonder how much money would be “enough” for them?  Did you ever wonder how much money it would take for liberals to make our public education system a success?

These question has always been hypothetical. Liberals have never been able to get all the money they wanted - until just recently.  Mark Zuckerberg did us (what should have been) the ultimate favor by making the hypothetical, a reality and giving Newark, New Jersey Public Schools...


...$100 million.  Not only that, the 100 million was contingent upon Newark mayor, Cory Brookers raising $100 million dollars. Zuckerberg's money would release to Newark as matching dollars rolled in, so they had


$200 million to play with.  What was the end result?  Just what you’d expect...

source: Yahoo

Mark Zuckerberg gave New Jersey $100 million to fix Newark's schools, and it looks like it was a waste

Gov. Chris Christie upset because Zuckerberg offered to take Mayor Cory Brooker out for pizza and ice cream, but didn't invite him.

In the fall of 2010, Mark Zuckerberg announced on Oprah that he'd be making a generous gift to Newark, New Jersey.
As Oprah said in her Oprah way, "one ... hundred ... million ... dollars" would be given to Newark Mayor Cory Booker and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as the three began the Startup: Education foundation. 
The plan was to turn Newark into what Zuckerberg called "a symbol of educational excellence for the whole nation," spent on retaining the best teachers, and creating environments that would produce successful students and, one day, graduates.
Newark is a city wrought with crime. Its graduation rate is about 67%. It needed the help, and Booker's vision sounded promising.
Between 2010 and 2012, The New Yorker reports that "more than twenty million dollars of Zuckerberg’s gift and matching donations went to consulting firms with various specialties: public relations, human resources, communications, data analysis, [and] teacher evaluation." Many of the consultants were being paid upwards of $1,000 a day.
“Everybody’s getting paid but Raheem still can’t read," Vivian Cox Fraser, president of the Urban League of Essex County, was quoted saying.
Today, the money is pretty much gone, and Newark has hardly become that symbol of excellence.

Now you think that all this would end, once and for all, the liberals being able to sucker the public out of their tax money, but it probably won’t change a thing.  Liberals are so stupid, saying “See, I told you so.” doesn’t work on them.

Consider the Shark Jumped

DeMarcus Walker, a sophomore defensive end from Florida State absolutely nails it here.  Check out what he has to say as reported on The Blaze.

DeMarcus Walker is a sophomore defensive end for Florida State, the reigning champs of college football. Whether his football skills develop into widespread acclaim, we do not know yet.
But after Walker posted a couple of Twitter messages on the heels of Michael Sam’s historic draft by the St. Louis Rams Saturday, a first for an openly-gay player, Walker could be getting a bit more attention, as Twitchy notes:
Image source: Twitter via Twitchy
Image source: Twitter via Twitchy
That message comparing how Sam has been received regarding being openly gay versus how Tim Tebow was received in regard to being openly Christian has been retweeted more than 9,000 times as of Sunday night.
Later Walker posted a cartoon offering a similar comparison: How the media and culture treated Tebow versus how it treated Jason Collins, the first openly-gay NBA player:
Image source: Twitter via Twitchy
Image source: Twitter via Twitchy
It could take a while before we get a sense of the overall response to Walker’s tweets, as there are no shortage of people who disagree with them. Here are a few at on Walker’s Twitter page. (Content warning: One naughty word below):

What we got here is more shark jumping by the NFL.  Just because most average football fans aren’t going to say anything, that doesn’t mean that they are going to embrace this kind of thing.  For the past two years or so, I have seen incident after incident that have most likely rubbed traditional football fans the wrong way.
Few people will complain about openly gay players in the NFL and the ones that do, will not be listened to.  They’ll just end up on the receiving end of verbal assaults, far more vicious than anything they might say about Michael Sam.

Just because people don’t complain, that doesn’t mean that the NFL will come through this unscathed.  There’s is something people could do that would be far more damaging than complaining - like not watching games.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s not going to be any formal protest by fans.  Most people won’t even make any conscious decisions concerning this, but after all that has happened, many people who previously would watch every football game they could see, are going to start missing a few here and there. Maybe they’ll take care of fixing something around the house.  Maybe, they will do some yard work.  Maybe they’ll do something with their families. It doesn’t matter what it is, it’s bad for pro football if it’s something other than watching a game.

Most of fans will never realize why they chose to do something else, but games simply won’t have the allure they used to.  They will still watch their favorite teams.  They’ll still watch important games, but total viewing could drop by as much as 10%.  Fans won’t be trying to make a statement.    It’s just that a few more weights have been added to the “do something else” side of the scale for games they are only marginally interested in.

Ten percent might not sound like much, but it’s devastating.  Fewer viewers mean less advertising revenue.  Less revenue means a less attractive product.   Add to this, a new generation of potential viewers that have never known anything but limitless options for entertainment via the internet, and you have all the ingredients necessary for a death spiral.

None of this has to happen, but it could, and it will  all be because the NFL has time and time again, shown that they are willing to take their traditional fans for granted. If the NFL alienates them, they will lose everything.