The Soviet Union - Version 2.0

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150 reasons why Obama is the worst president ever

Poor Jimmy Carter. For the better part of four decades, he was universally regarded as the most lackluster chief executive and biggest loser to occupy the White House. That gave him a certain countercultural distinction in a twisted kind of way. Move over, Jimmy. In a new book, “150 Reasons Why Barack Obama Is the Worst President in History” (Victory Books, $13.99), authors Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan make their case for why the current occupant of the Oval Office is more incompetent, ill-intentioned and dangerous to America’s long-term interests than even the peanut farmer from Georgia. With 511 footnotes over 274 pages, this work offers a comprehensive review and new nuggets of information on the 44th president’s tenure for even the most diehard political junkies.
This book has a serious mission. “History will want Obama to be viewed favorably because he’s the first black president,” the authors explain. “But we can’t afford to let political correctness rewrite his true record. We have a responsibility to ensure that history won’t gloss over Obama’s failures, so future generations won’t be doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.” One problem with a book like this is that during such a scandal-plagued administration as Barack’s, the catalog of sins is outdated as soon as it is printed. Thus, this volume, which covers The One’s first term, doesn’t delve into recent revelations about the IRS targeting Tea Party activists and other conservatives, federal surveillance on journalists, the National Security Agency snooping on innocent private citizens, the Watergate-level cover-up of the Benghazi attacks, and whatever new turpitude is revealed today. For that, the reader will have to wait for the sequel. In the mean time, here are six excerpts from the 150 reasons why the United States has been harmed by Barack Obama’s first four years as the most powerful man in the world:
Reason #1: Stimulus failure. To hear Obama tell it in 2009, the passing of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act would usher in a new era of American prosperity. Obama promised the American people that by spending hundreds of billions of dollars we would keep unemployment low, reduce poverty, create a new green economy, and provide shovel-ready projects that would rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. None of that happened. All we got for our huge investment was a mountain of new debt, a long list of failed “green energy” companies, an infrastructure that remains insufficient, and a “recovery” adding fewer jobs than needed to keep up with population growth.
Reason #5: Unemployment over 8% for 43 months. Perhaps the most significant broken promise of Obama’s stimulus was that it would keep the unemployment rate below 8 percent. This was the promise Obama and White House economists made to sell the stimulus to the public. Had Obama’s projections been a reality, the economy would have recovered to roughly where it had been prior to the 2008 financial crash. Not only did unemployment not stay below 8 percent, it hit 10.1 percent in October of 2009. The actual U3 unemployment rate [the official rate calculated by the Labor Department] at the end of Obama’s first term was 7.8 percent. Obama promised it would be 5.2 percent with the stimulus.
Reason #19: Largest deficits in history. It should come as no surprise that under a president who sees government as the answer to all of life’s problems that the deficit would skyrocket. Not only did it skyrocket, but Obama has given us the highest U.S. deficits in history: $1.4 trillion, $1.3 trillion, $1.3 trillion, and $1.1 trillion.’s William Bigelow put these numbers into perspective: “There have never been deficits remotely approaching these; the last year of George W. Bush’s tenure, the deficit was less than half-a-trillion dollars.”
Reason #29: Tax dollars for terrorist groups. On a Friday night in April of 2012, it was revealed that Barack Obama bypassed Congress in order to send $192 million in aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA). Funding for the PA had been frozen by Congress after PA President Mahmoud Abbas requested that the United Nations recognize a Palestinian state. Obama claimed his waiver was important to the national security of the United States. A bizarre claim indeed since his actions came just months after the terrorist group Hamas became a partner with the PA.
Reason #44: Killing the Keystone XL Pipeline. Under Obama, we’ve seen energy prices continually go up. Taking meaningful steps to make America more energy independent would go a long way towards reducing the prices of energy. Instead, we’ve seen Obama waste billions on failed green-energy companies and refuse to tap into domestic energy sources. The Keystone pipeline would deliver 700,000 barrels a day of crude oil from Canada to coastal Texas oil refineries. Delivering oil via pipeline is more cost effective than shipping via rail. The pipeline would also create an estimated 20,000 jobs. More jobs and cheaper energy are exactly what this country needs, but Obama chose to deny TransCanada’s permit.
Reason #109: White House snitch line. In August 2009, a rather Orwellian blog post on the official White House blog called on Obama’s supporters to submit “scary chain emails and videos,” “rumors,” “emails” and even “casual conversation” to a specific White House email address so the Obama administration could “keep track of all of them.” Later, Obama’s reelection campaign would follow suit with an “Attack Watch” page on which registered Obama supporters could denounce their fellow Americans for expressing anti-Obama opinions. . . . It was a page for Obama supporters to report on fellow citizens who were speaking ill of the president. This kind of thing might be typical in countries ruled by dictators, but it is completely contrary to American values and the right of free speech.
Brett M. Decker is Editor-in-Chief of Rare. Follow him on Twitter @BrettMDecker. Disclosure: This book cites Rare Content Editor Matt Cover and numerous articles published by Brett M. Decker from previous positions.

We all have our favorite reasons why Obama is the worst president ever, but here’s one that just might make the other ones pale by comparison.

Your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and maybe even the entire population of the planet, may have to pay the price for Obama’s incompetence.

When future historians look back half a century from now, they will undoubtedly consider Obama the most inept, most corrupt person to ever occupy the Oval Office.

The main criteria that I use for determining how bad a president is or was, is: how negatively do the actions he took while in office affect me today.  Up until recently, the title of “worst president ever”, clearly belonged to FDR, because he got the ball rolling on entitlements - the main cause or our national debt.

If Obama hadn’t taken the title from FDR his first years in office, he has certainly done it now.  Why?  Because up until now, if the people of this country were smart, if the people of this country were unified, we could still undo the damage Obama has done.
  • we could still repeal Obamacare
  • we could still develop our own domestic energy sources
  • we could still have the Keystone pipeline
  • we could still cut government spending
  • we could still wean people off of government dependency
  • we could still protect the constitutional rights of our citizens
  • we could still stop illegal immigration
  • we could still get the economy rolling again
  • we could still reduce unemployment
All these things and more, are entirely possible.  We just need to have the majority of the American people to support them.  The only thing stopping us is ourselves.

But now, Obama has allowed the  wheels to start turning on something that we soon will be unable to stop, even if we were all united in the cause.  Every day that goes by, Putin grows bolder and stronger.  There was a time, just a few weeks ago, when we could have stopped Putin cold, relatively easily.  That Crimean peninsula wasn’t all that important to him.  He would have backed down, if he was faced by a strong credible leader.  Too bad we don’t have one.  

Now all you liberals can watch and see first hand, that there is a price to pay for appearing to be weak and incompetent, and that price is, you lose your ability to bluff.  Obama could have stood up to Putin weeks ago, back when the stakes were lower.  Obama had the chance to appear to be strong and stop Putin in his tracks, but he didn’t take it.

This shit ain't gonna cut it anymore

Putin’s gonna take the Ukraine.  You just watch him.  And, no one’s gonna do anything about it.  You just watch them.  Obama’s dithering has emboldened Putin and now, watch as Obama makes the worst mistakes possible.  He’s going to try to run out the clock on this one, and hope that nothing gets too serious until he is out of office.  By then, the stakes may be too high to do anything but watch as Putin assembles the Soviet Union - version 2.0.  

It wasn’t that long ago that the old Soviet Union fell.  Anyone over 40, can remember what it was like when they were a serious threat.  True leaders who appear strong (strong enough to pull off a credible bluff) are gifts from the gods.  They only come along once in a very great while.  We HAD one thirty some years ago, and twenty years ago, we had the evil empire right where we wanted it.  All we had to do was elect leaders strong enough to kill off any new weed that may have sprouted up - pretty easy compared to what Reagan had to do, but Obama couldn’t even do that.  

Don’t like reruns?  Tough shit.  History is about to repeat itself.


  1. "When future historians look back half a century from now, they will undoubtedly consider Obama the most inept, most corrupt person to ever occupy the Oval Office. "
    I doubt it. Future generations having grown up with Common Core will probably be illiterate. The Eloi I tell you.

    1. Let's hope that there will still be enough intelligent people left to tell the truth.

  2. I agree with C.J. because with common core, 2 +2 = fish...everybody doesn't know that.....gosh...

    I just really hate Obama.....I wish his retarded muslim ass would just go fall into a sinkhole somewhere in Africa...

    1. History will judge Obama for what he is. It may take longer than you want, but it will eventually happen.

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  4. Sounds like my ex wife. Don't forget the part of turning your own kids against you.

  5. Carter was likely the last Christian to hold the office of US president. Obama doesn't even come close to being the worst president. Lincoln, Wilson, both Roosevelts, Truman and Johnson still tie for the worst presidents in US history. All were mass murderers that make Obama look like a piker.