The Road You're on, Leads to Ohboydoesthissuckville

The tough thing about blogging isn’t thinking of something to write about.  That’s easy.  One look at the Drudge Report or Bad Blue, and I can almost always come up with at least ten things that I’d like to comment on.  The tough part is choosing which topic to comment on and being able to crank it out in the minimal amount of time I have to do so each day.

You will notice that often (and by often, I mean almost always), I will choose a familiar theme (liberals are stupid and they’re ruining this country), but there’s a good reason for that.  If you have an important message, you should repeat it until a satisfactory number of people have received it.  

If your neighbors house is on fire you might want to say something like, “Hey, Joe!  Your house is on fire!”  If he doesn’t seem to get the message, you might repeat again, only louder,  “Hey Joe! Your house is on fire!”  Just because you said the same thing, only moment ago, that doesn’t mean that you should be shy about repeating it, if you don’t think that someone has gotten the message.  With that being said, Unionistas, this one’s for you.

Of all the people who have aligned themselves with the liberals and the Democratic Party, perhaps the hardest ones to understand, are members of labor unions.  If the Republicans are the party of the rich and big business, as you and your leaders claim they are, shouldn’t you be supporting them?  Aren’t you employed by a big business?  Wouldn’t it be in your best interest to have the big business that you work for do well?  No?  You say that worker’s rights are more important?  Well maybe you should take a look down south of the equator, and see how socialists view workers rights once they are in control.

source: Weasel Zippers

Exclusive: Venezuelan Militia Threatens To Kill Hospital Workers Who Go On StrikeijhH6WxS

Venezuela’s troublesome militia “Tupamaros” are at it again. This time, a directive from the organization to all hospital workers who are planning to go on strike: “If someone dies at your hospital because you went on strike, we will kill one of you in retribution”
With 40 deaths in Venezuela since protests against Nicolas Maduro’s Socialist regime began in February 2014, members of the Tupamaros are said to be responsible for a great majority of deaths.
To hit my point home further, check out the kind of pictures these guys use to recruit – in a country where gun ownership is of course, not allowed…QRlPDGfW

I just thought you might be interested where that road you’re on eventually leads.

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