Stop What You're Doing Right Now

and read this from 90 Miles From Tyranny.

It's absolutely awesome! You can bet that you will not see this repeated over and over on all the "News for Numskulls" programs like the Today Show and Good Morning America, and you won't hearing the first lady repeating it either.  I have always suspected that the whole vegetarian thing was a bunch of bullshit.

Study: Vegetarians Less Healthy, Lower Quality Of Life Than Meat-Eaters

ATLANTA (CBS ATLANTA) – Vegetarians may have a lower BMI and drink alcohol sparingly, but vegetarian diets are tied to generally poorer health, poorer quality of life and a higher need for health care than their meat-eating counterparts.

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  1. Thank goodness somebody is finally saying least somebody other than me. You can look at a vegetarian and see how "sickly" they are. And they have to have "protein" they are just so stupid that they try to get it from soybeans or some other gross tasting crap. Will the world be better off without them? I say yes since most are liberals anyway. I say...let them eat sprouts!

    1. Since I was young and first aware of their existence, it always seemed to me that there was something wrong with vegetarians. Not so much physically, but mentally and emotionally. I can't say which is cause and which is effect, but I have always considered the possibility that there just may be some protein or other substance in that meat that helps keep one sane.