Serious Irony: Rootin' for Putin

It ain’t always easy being a conservative.  We’re always tied down by logic, rational thought, and an understanding of how human beings will behave in the real word, which often ends up making us looking like the bad guys.  So often in fact, that a predictable pattern has emerged:

  1. Liberals come up with some screwball idea.
  2. Conservatives will explain why it won’t work.
  3. Liberals accuse the conservatives of being mean, racist, etc.
  4. The idea fails, exactly the way the conservatives predicted it would.
  5. We all have to pay the price for the failure. (Conservatives pay a disproportionately high price, because they’re the ones most likely to have jobs and pay taxes)
  6. The country sinks further into the abyss.

We’ve seen this happen so many times, it’s hard for a conservative not to get depressed.  But take heart, the cycle doesn’t end with item number six.  There is an item number seven.  Unfortunately, it often doesn’t occur until it becomes so painfully obvious, that even liberals can see the connection.   

     7. People finally realize that the liberal idea failed, and that it may have even been counterproductive.

In spite of the fact that item seven doesn’t always occur (or at least nowhere near quickly enough), we conservatives can take pleasure in observing the irony that results from liberals being in control.

One of my favorite examples of this is how the liberals always used  Europe countries as models that we we should emulate.  Even as recently as a coupe of years ago, liberals were praising the socialists in France.  Have you seen what’s been going on in France lately?  Ha, ha, ha!  How’s that socialism working out for you now, Monsieur?  Haven’t heard many liberals citing the successes of French socialism lately, have you?

Then you got the other tired, old, liberal crap - Who needs fossil fuels?    Spending money on defense is a waste at the expense of the poor.  Why shouldn’t we allow unchecked immigration of radical Muslims? Bla, bla, bla.

Well, now we got some more irony going on, and even though it is actually very tragic, at least part of me, can’t help but laugh.  It’s irony on grander scale than the world has ever seen, and that is -  a socialist,  Vladimir Putin, is going to teach all of those European socialists, the folly of their ways.  

Developing a realistic national energy policy based on domestic fossil fuels, nuclear energy, and fossil fuels imported from friendly allies?  Who needs that?  We got the sun and the wind, and gas from the Ukraine.  Oh wait, we aren’t going to have that last part anymore.  Come to think of it, we never really had the first parts.

In addition to their energy woes, the Europeans are going to have to quietly hope that Putin will be happy with the Crimean Peninsula (or maybe all of the Ukraine).  Who’s going to stop him?  Free Europe has depended the defense provided by the United States since the end of the Second World War.

Well, well, well.  All those liberal crap ideas that you Europeans have been exporting to the United States for decades, have had some effect.  We’re now, just about as big a pussies as you guys, and we're just about as broke as you are too.  Obama is downsizing our military, and we are $17 trillion in debt.  We can’t even afford to bluff our way past Putin, and we have turned into a nation that doesn’t have the balls to try.

Too bad that almost everyone in Europe who was alive in the 30’s, is dead now.  Some of them could have told you about the need for a strong defense and the dangers of a tyrannical leader.  Don’t look for a repeat performance of WWII from the U.S. if Putin has larger ambitions than previously thought.  We’re too broke, and too chicken to help you, and it’s all because so many of us became the way that you wanted us to become.  Kind of ironic, isn’t it?  You European liberals almost got me rootin’ for Putin.


  1. Quit abusing the word "liberal". What you are attacking is the group of people best describes as "progressives" or "socialists". The men who founded our nation were liberals. The conservatives fought for the King.

    1. Your comment is duly noted, and I completely understand what you are saying. However, we all know the difference between today's liberals (to which I am usually referring) and those who fit the classic definition.