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I was gonna write a post about how much Obama sucks and how stupid liberals are, but, it turns out that everyone is well aware of both of those things, and, I’ve already written a couple of posts concerning those matters.  (Author’s note: After writing this, I realized that this post also deals with the stupidity of liberals.  I guess I can’t help myself.)

Let’s talk about a stupid activity, the stupid people that engage in it, and the stupid people who don’t think that the people who engage in it are stupid - mountain climbing.

Do you know who George Mallory is?  No?  Good.  No sense in wasting perfectly good memory capacity knowing who this dude was.  You are probably familiar with his famous reply, when he was asked why he wanted to climb Mt. Everest - “Because it’s there.”  How did this phrase ever become famous?  Could he have possibly come up with an response that contained less rational justification for his desire?  Why didn’t he chose a response like, “Just ‘cuz”?  “Because it’s there.” - That sounds like the response a guy would give to the question, “Why do you want to fuck that sheep?”

Mountain climbing is a special kind of stupidity that transcends normal stupidity.  When someone wipes out doing a stunt on a youtube video, everyone says “He’s stupid.”  When someone climbs a mountain, it captures the public’s imagination.  I say the youtube video dude is smarter than the mountain climbing dude.  The youtube video dude is close to home, hospitals, and emergency services, and usually isn’t spending any money or directly causing others to risk their lives.

source: New York Post

Avalanche kills 13 on Mount Everest, NBC prep crew survives

A total of 13 people were crushed to death underneath a fearsome Mount Everest avalanche early this morning – the worst single catastrophe in the iconic mountain’s history.
The victims were all guides – ethnic Sherpas – who were helping climbers set up ropes and other safety measures when the snow rumbled down onto the popular climbing path.

Some of the "few" to climb Everest

Modal Trigger‘It’s absolutely devastating,” survivor Ed Wardle told an NBC affiliate. “The atmosphere here at base camp is one of shock and now of grieving. I believe it’s the worst disaster in Everest history if not all mountaineering.”Four other guides are still missing and six others are injured, Nepalese officials said.A group of Sherpas who were working with NBC on an upcoming show for the Discovery Channel all survived the catastrophe, a spokesperson told The Post.
Wingsuit jumper Joby Ogwyn was slated to make his leap in two weeks and is reportedly helping with search and rescue efforts.
“The Sherpa guides were carrying up equipment and other necessities for climbers when the disaster happened,” a spokesman for Nepal’s Tourism Ministry, Mohan Krishna Sapkota, told the AFP news service.
Eight climbers perished in a massive 1996 avalanche and six guides died in a 1970 disaster.
“The avalanche last night on Mt. Everest is a terrible tragedy, and our thoughts and prayers are with those who are lost and with their families,” Discovery Network executive Laurie Goldberg told The Mail.
Long considered one of the greatest mountain climbing challenges, more than 4,000 adventurers have reached Everest’s peak since Edmund Hillary first conquered it in 1953.

Back in the mid-’80’s, car surfing was big.  I don’t know if this movie, Teen Wolf, was a case or effect of it, but it included scenes of Michael J. Fox, “surfing” on top of a commercial delivery van.

Smarter, safer, and less of a burden on society than mountain climbing.

Back then, the media was saying that deaths and injuries resulting from car surfing, were an epidemic as deadly and fast spreading as AIDS.  Unlike AIDS however, the Media discouraged the activity that lead to this epidemic.  Car surfing was the worst activity imaginable.  Legislation was passed specifically dealing with it.  If you were to compare car surfing to today’s extreme youtube videos, it was actually pretty tame.

There’s always some goof out there, planning to climb some mountain, somewhere on this planet, at any given time, and “News” programs like the “Today Show” and “Good Morning America” save stories about this for slow news days.  I remember in the mid-’80’s, immediately after viewing a piece on the horrors of car surfing, seeing an interview of a group of idiots planning to climb some mountain.  The whole thing was just surreal.  The host of the show was actually treating these mountain climbing clowns with respect and admiration, after chastising car surfers, only moments before.

The hosts of these “news” programs are, and always been liberals, and liberals have always been full of shit, and the car surfing vs mountain climbing legitimacy thing is just another example.  You got the whole 1% vs 99% thing going on, but mountain climbers are almost always people trying to find something to do with their excess time and money, and car surfers are almost always, your average Joes. Yet, the media rips on the car surfers (and people doing similar things), but glorifies the mountain climbers.  

Car surfers usually don’t inconvenience the rest of us.  We’re already paying for the paramedics and rescue squads whether we have to mop and squeegee the car surfers off the road or not.  Rescuing stranded mountain climbers is a special project that requires at least tens of thousands of dollars.

Maybe, there was a time when there might have been some justification for climbing a mountain other than “Because it is there”, but that time has long since passed.  More people have climbed Everest (doesn’t that sound like a brand name for a mattress?) than saw "Ishtar" in the theater.  In fact the mountain is not only constantly has a line of climbers trying make the summit, it is covered with garbage, human waste, and the dead bodies of climbers who didn’t make it.  Some people think this is a bad thing, but I couldn’t think of a better place to dispose of such things.

One last thing.  Whenever a mountain climber gets what he deserves, someone always says, “At least he died doing what he loved to do.”, as if he was dping a noble thing.  You know, smokers are dying, doing what they loved to do too.  Why don’t we cut them the same amount of slack as the mountain climbers?

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