Leftist Ideals are a More Real, More Immediate, and More Dengerous Threat, than Global Warming

Think about it, have you ever seen a nation or city go bankrupt from global warming? Have you ever seen a depression or recession caused by global warming?  Have you ever seen hyper-inflation caused by global warming?  Have you ever seen high unemployment caused by global warming?  Have you ever seen energy prices soar due to global warming?  Never?  Liberal policies have caused all of these things in the past.  You'd think more people would take the threat of leftist ideas seriously.

Someone needs to explain the global warming thing to me.  How come so many people are still holding on to the theory in spite of all that has happened to discredit it?

We all know that there hasn’t been any global warming in 17 years, and all research indicates that the earth has constantly gone through periods of warming and cooling since its beginning.  Apparently it’s not harmful.  Life has managed to exist.  We don’t even have any proof that the earth’s average temperature remaining constant would be any more beneficial than having it fluctuate, like it always has.  Yet the mainstream media still feels that people like the guy in the article below, still deserve to be listened to.

source: The telegraph

We should give up trying to save the world from climate change, says James Lovelock

The scientist and inventor James Lovelock claims we should stop trying to save the planet from global warming and instead retreat to climate controlled citiesThe scientist and inventor James Lovelock claims we should stop trying to save the planet from global warming and instead retreat to climate controlled cities

James Lovelock, who first detected CFCs in the atmosphere and proposed the Gaia hypotheses Photo: AFP/Getty/Nasa
By Sarah Knapton, Science Correspondent
3:54PM BST 08 Apr 2014Comments1002 Comments
Saving the planet from climate change is ‘beyond our ability’ and we should stop wasting time trying to tackle global warming, a leading scientist has claimed
James Lovelock, who first detected CFCs in the atmosphere and proposed the Gaia hypotheses, claims society should retreat to ‘climate-controlled cities’ and give up on large expanses of land which will become inhabitable.
Lovelock, who has just published his latest book A Rough Ride To The Future, claims we should be ‘strengthening our defences and making a sustainable retreat.’
“We’re reaching an age in history where you can no longer predict the future with any hope of success.

This guy makes Al Gore look sane.  He is right about one thing though.  When it comes to the global warming, (assuming that it was actually occurring), there is nothing we can do to stop it.  Of course, that suggests that there is there was nothing we could have done to cause it.  

No one can say without absolute certainty, whether or not the planet is warming, or if it’s the fault of mankind, if it is, but one thing is for certain.
There is much more evidence that leftist policies are a drag on the economy, increase government debt, and curtail freedom.

Unlike long term climate trends, which require guess work and extrapolation to even come up with any data, the cause and effect relationship of leftist ideals and the economic demise of nations is something most people can witness within their lifetimes.  From the Soviet Union, to Cuba, to Venezuela, to the socialists democracies of Europe.  There’s no guess work needed.  All one needs to do is witness it.

There is no way anyone can be intellectually honest and say that based on the data we have, that both man-made global warming is definitely occurring, and that liberal policies do not cause harm to an nation and its citizens in terms of freedom and fortune.

Perhaps, it’s time to revisit a classic from Golden Geese archives.


  1. The communists would love it if we all bunched up in cities. The sheep are easier to control that way. And yes, I DO NOT BELIEVE IN GLOBAL WARMING. Come arrest me bitches.

    1. C.J. I would stand with you and Neil any day! I've never been a sheep....but I've heard that wolves are good if you roast them just right...

    2. Although I do kind of resemble a sheep dog.

    3. C.J. and C.W. Thanks for reading and for your comments. Hey did you notice if I made many errors in that post. I was just too tired when I wrote it last night to proofread it.

    4. I did not notice, but I am not a grammar Nazi like some people. Anyways I would rather read something that may have a mistake or two but is honest,than something that is full of blatant lies and Obama cheer leading ( NY TIMES).

  2. Nope, I didn't notice any either. And I admit...I am a secret grammar Nazi. I don't point out mistakes but I do notice them. Drives me nuts when I post something and then find my mistakes. Think I'm OCD in that. :)

    1. C.W. and C.J. - Thank you both. After working a 12 hour day and driving 40 minutes home, I don't have very much time. Sometimes, something's gotta give. I learned the "don't sweat the perfection" thing from reading Captain Capitalism. He's got spelling and grammar errors in his posts quite often, but apparently, neither he or his readers care. You know, it's funny - Back when I was in school, and had an assignment that would take as much thought and effort as writing a typical post, I would procrastinate until the final hours before it was due. The whole thing, the worrying about having to do it, and the actual doing it, was such a pain in the ass. Now I am doing what I used to dread, almost every day, and enjoying it.