In the End, Liberalism Destroys Everything

Will I ever run out of ways to slam liberalism?

source: USA Today

Monthly 'Ladies' Home Journal' to fold after 131 years

Another one bites the newsstand dust.

D1 LLINE Home Journal 04
(Photo: Kwaku Alston for Ladies' Home Journal)

The death of print continues apace.
Today's victim: The monthly Ladies' Home Journal. After 131 years, the July issue will be its last, reportsAd Age. The website will continue on, and the magazine itself will become a quarterly special-interest publication available starting this fall on newsstands, vs. via subscription. Nonetheless, the entire editorial staff was laid off as part of the change.
LHJ has a circulation of 3.2 million, down from a 1968 peak of 6.8 million, according to parent company Meredith. Subscribers will get one of Meredith's other titles — Every Day with Rachael Ray, More or Better Homes & Gardens — in their mailboxes instead.

To start with, what do I, some stupid redneck, white male, whose magazine subscriptions consist only of “Car Craft” and “Farm Show”, know about “Ladies Home Journal”?
The answer of course is, nothing, absolutely nothing, but, I have my suspicions.  I can’t say from personal experience, what the political slant of LHJ is, but since virtually all publications like it, lean towards the liberal side, I would have to assume that it does too, and it didn’t take much work to confirm my suspicion.
After 131 years, LHJ is calling it quits.  Why?  Because traditional magazines cannot compete with electronic media, right?  Isn’t that what we have been hearing for the past twenty or so years?  There is some truth to that, but I believe that the main cause of the death of LHJ is: (Are you ready for it?  Can you guess what I’m going to say?  Do you see it coming?) liberalism.
LHJ is like all the other women’s magazines that have been around since the beginning of time.  They’d sit on our mother’s coffee tables, ignored by young boys, until they’re old enough to read and comprehend, until that fateful day when such boys had a school assignment that involved cutting pictures out of magazines for whatever reason.  While looking for pictures of animals and such, a young boy couldn’t help but notice the articles about sex and the ads for women’s undergarments.  After that, the women’s magazines warranted a quick scan each month as new issues arrived.  This window of boys’ interest, only last a couple of years, until friends introduce them to better reading material found in their dad’s or older brother’s domains.  This paragraph explains most men’s entire lifetime experience with women’s magazines.
Even with limited firsthand experience with women’s magazines, it’s still possible to make some assumptions about LHJ.  First of all, in their 131 years of existence, there must have been some time in which it was, more or less, conservative.  That would have been back during their growth period.  Probably right up until just a few years before their peak in 1968. After that, it has been downhill ever since.
The advent of the internet and a higher percentage of women working outside of the home are definitely causes of decreased readership, but can they be blamed solely, for the cause of death for LHJ?  I don’t think so.  The demise of this and many other print publications (including many newspapers) is due largely to the liberalism of their staff, editorial departments, and (lack of good) management.
I’m just over 50 years old, the age that is pretty much the dividing line between the people who disdain all things electronic, and those who couldn’t imagine life without the internet and social media.  Even now, LHJ has circulation of 3.2 million, 3.2 million, and they’re calling it quits!  How on earth did LHJ, or any other traditional publication ever get started, if 3.2 million isn’t enough critical mass to keep the ball rolling?  We all know better.  3.2 million, (even if that number is constantly shrinking) is plenty of readers to sustain a publication for years, and if managed properly, for years to come.  There’s a niche market of older readers who despise computers, that could keep that magazine going for at least another two decades.  Two decades.  That’s substantially longer than the life expectancy of any magazine at birth, even during the heyday of traditional print publications.
I know it and you know it.  Liberalism is what killed LHJ.  Like a human being, a magazine has a life cycle, and the length of that cycle can be determined by outside influences, and how those influences are dealt with.  The internet, and changes in reader demographics may be like a cancer to traditional magazines, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t fight the cancer to remain alive as long as possible, unless of course, those magazines are run by liberals.
Occasionally, while surfing the web, I will run across excerpts from women’s magazines from the early ‘60’s and before.  They’re usually articles about how a wife can keep her husband and family happy, or how to save money or time around the home. These excerpts almost always appear on sites that consider them quaint or passé, or even look upon them, and the era in which they were written, with contempt, but such articles were written during the growth period in the magazine’s life cycle.  The same sites have no problem with any of the liberal crap published during the last thirty some years of such publications demises.
The circumstances in which almost everything exists (not just traditional print publications) are changing, but in almost every other area, there are holdouts, willing to fight and change to survive.  There are still small businesses that survive in industries dominated by corporate giants by serving niche markets, providing those customers with unique products and services that better suit those customers’ wants and needs.  This of course, is more difficult, and liberals just don’t do difficult.  They’re all about easy, from the time they chose a college major that didn’t require science and math, to when they’re still voting for Democrats that promise more government handouts when they retire.
LHJ and other traditional print publications are run and staffed by people of such mindsets, and that’s why such publications are ceasing to exist.  You gotta know when to hold'em, know when to fold’em, and when the going get’s tough, liberals always fold’em.  That’s why they always look to the government for the security of themselves and others.  They can’t even imagine what it would be like to have to make on their own in times of trouble.
Sometime during the ‘60’s, these women’s magazines adopted a liberal slant, and at least in the short term, it was a good idea.  Readership increased because the publications were doing something new and bold.  These weren’t their reader’s mother’s magazines anymore, but they made the mistake of throwing everything away that made them popular in the first place, and compounded the problem by refusing to ever look back or even consider that someone might disagree with their points of view.  It never even crossed any of their minds that adopting a conservative, or even a non-biased point of view might be just as refreshing to readers as the move toward liberalism was in the ‘60’s, even when they were desperate and had nothing to lose.
You see the same thing happening right now with TV “news programs” like “Meet the Press”.  NBC is trying to figure out why people don’t like David Gregory, other than the fact that he’s creepy looking.  This is how blind liberals are, and it’s a self imposed blindness.  They refuse to even consider that their own political views are the cause of their unpopularity and they would rather become failures themselves, than admit to the failure of their ideology.


  1. Maybe if they stopped putting Wookies on the cover.....just saying.

  2. Maybe if they had the courage and independent thought to criticize that Wookie.

  3. this is the offshoot of the massive liberalism that has infected the literary world. Their subscriptions are dropping because after a while people realize that they are full of shit if they have any exposure to the real world. This is why there has been an explosion of alternate news sites on the internet that is free if the liberal bias that has infected the traditional media.

    1. Liberals also took over education, but they won't get away with it, not forever, eventually they will destroy everything they touch and everyone will remember that they were the cause.