If it Weren't for "Evil White Males", None of You Would Have Ever Even Existed, None of You

We want you to be a conservative blogger.

What’s that?

That’s where you risk getting into trouble for stating the obvious.
Sounds easy.  What does it pay?

Pay is inversely related to how badly you need the money.  Famous people make millions, well known people make six figures.

So for me, it’s...

Let’s just say it’s a round number.

Alright, let me have a crack at it.


Fixate yourself upon this image.  What do you see?   A sheet of plywood?  Yes.  But there’s more, so much more.  You’re looking at the savior of our environment and what makes affordable housing for everyone who isn’t part of the uppermost classes, possible.  You’re looking at the manifestation of a liberal wet dream, and just like about everything else, it was the result of white males attempting to make some money.

What would a world without plywood be like?  The two words that would come closest to describing it would be, treeless and homeless. That’s right. The lowly sheet of plywood has done more to save the environment and shelter the lower and middle classes than all the liberal income redistribution and environmental activism to date, plus all that will ever occur in the future, and it’s all due to the innovation of “evil white males”.  Kind of ironic isn’t it?

It’s only ironic if you believe all the crap that liberals spew, and expect you to believe. Let’s take another look at that sheet of plywood.  What’s the first thing you notice?

The size right?  Four feet by eight feet. Have you ever seen logs being hauled on trucks? They're seldom over four feet wide. Go into any older building.  It is extremely rare to see any single solid board wider than 18 inches.  Why?  There’s a lot of reasons, but one of the most important is, that a wider solid board, (the only kind they had the technology to produce back in the old days)  is just about useless.  The wider a solid board is, the more likely it is to cup and split and therefore, the wider a solid boards becomes, the thicker it needs to be, even if a project does not require lumber of such thickness.  The end result is wasted trees.  Plywood eliminates the relationship between board width and thickness (this is a fancy way of saying increases strength) and maximizes the efficient use of trees at the same time.  How?

Look at that sheet of plywood again.  What else do you see.  Do you notice how the grain repeats itself?  How is that even possible?   See how the pattern of knots repeat themselves?  Now you know that’s impossible.  No tree has branches of the exact same size and placement only a few inches away.  Is it magic?  In a way, it is.  It’s the magic of white capitalists’ innovation, but unlike douchebag magicians, I’m gonna show you how the trick is done.

Today, China is the top plywood producing country, but the US is still number two, and the important thing here is that the technology was developed in the U. S. and Europe by - guess who.  China and other countries merely adopted our technology, and if they’re smart, they will adopt forest management practices developed in the U.S. too.  Contrary to what some people say, we have excellent forrest management programs here in the U.S.  Here’s what the forests in many countries that haven’t adopted the technologies and management practices developed by evil white men look like today.

This is India - A cracka free zone.

This is Brazil - Relatively honky free.

The U.S. - Huh?  Who woulda thunk?
Guess where this is.  I'll give you a hint - The United States of America.  Who do the liberals complain about being in control here?  If they really cared about all the things they claim to care about, you would think they would stop bashing "evil white men".

Here’s my point.  It’s not just plywood.  I’m gonna let Captain Capitalism pinch hit for me here:

See?  Those evil white males aren’t so bad.  In fact, without their contributions, life itself, for most of the people on this planet would have never been possible.  White males are the only reason the people who love to demonize them even exist.  Now that’s irony.


  1. Liberals just wanna gripe, period! If it isn't one thing, it will be another. They have no concept of the words..."Shut the f*ck up already". And no clue that they live in the greatest Nation there is. They are nothing but a parasitic plague. They feed from and destroy everything they touch.

    1. C.W. - I absolutely agree, and couldn't have said it better myself.