If Ford did it, we can do it. We can always kill off the mustang, and then, come up with the mustang II

Can you imagine a scenario  where the federal government was attempting to eradicate both fishermen and the fish that they valued the most because they threatened the Asian Carp?  No?  Isn’t that basically the same thing as what’s going on here?

source: The USA Today

Tension grows between ranchers, mustang backers

RENO, Nev. (AP) — Tensions bubbled over on the range in a turf battle that has been simmering for decades over one of the icons of the American West and scant forage on arid, high desert lands from Nevada to Wyoming.
With the presence of wild horses continuing to pit animal advocates against ranchers, the Bureau of Land Management, which is caught in the middle, on Saturday began seizing hundreds of cattle from a longtime rancher that it says are trespassing on public land in southern Nevada.
The action came a day after the agency agreed to remove horses from the range in southwest Utah after Iron County commissioners threatened to take matters in their own hands.
Wild-horse protection advocates say the government is rounding up too many mustangs while allowing livestock to feed at taxpayer expense on the same rangeland scientists say is being overgrazed.
Ranchers say the government refuses to gather enough horses in the herds that double in size every five years while moving to confiscate cattle on lands where their ancestors have operated for more than a century.


Equals this,

or this.

Mustangs are overrated.  (Just ask any Camaro owner.)  Just what are mustangs anyway?  They are an INVASIVE SPECIES,  just like Asian Carp.  They’re not part of our natural environment, anymore than the 50,000 stray dogs that roam Detroit, feral domesticated pigs that cause destruction in rural areas, or pythons loose in the Everglades.  There’s nothing majestic about them at all.

They’re just the descendants of of horses that escaped from the Spanish, hundreds of years ago.  In other words, they are nothing more than the offspring of tools that were an essential part of the destruction of the Native American people. (That last sentence alone, oughta make all the liberals side with the ranchers, but you know it won’t, because in the liberal mind, animals always come before people, no matter what race they are.)

What’s the good thing about invasive species, like mustangs or feral pigs, or dangerous exotic snakes?  You can kill every last one of them in a particular area, and if you decide that maybe that wasn’t such a good idea, you can always get more.

Some of the “problems” that make the most headlines are the easiest to solve, and this is a particularly easy one.  Just  start giving away, selling, or killing mustangs until there is enough grazing land for the ranchers.  Make the mustangs extinct!  Now, I can’t guarantee that this is a good idea, but it’s no big deal if I am wrong.  If in the future, it turns out that there was actually some value to having wild mustangs, we can just turn some horses loose and bam, we’re back in business, just like nothing ever happened.  Don’t you wish saving endangered natural species was this easy?

One other thing.  Let’s start selling off a lot of this federal land.  That would reduce the amount of land the federal government would have to manage which couldn’t help but be a huge cost savings.  Also, local governments would benefit from increased property tax revenue.


  1. BLM land may or may not belong to the feds.

    A lot of it is State and County land that is MANAGED by the Bureau of Land Management.

    not owned

  2. BLM land may or may not belong to the feds.

    A lot of it is State and County land that is MANAGED by the Bureau of Land Management.

    not owned

    1. That is true, but the states can sell off land too, and the benefits would be the same.