Explaining Liberal Hyprocisy

Alright sports fans.  Let me help you out with a problem that you may have been struggling with - liberal hypocrisy and inconsistency.  Although liberals may often appear to be both, I assure you that they are neither.  At least not the people in charge of the liberal agenda.  It’s all just a ruse designed to draw rational thinking people’s attention away from what’s really going on.

Even though the left claims to be proponents of the environment, the American worker, women, racial harmony, etc. they couldn’t care less about any of these issues.  One good example of this is, the liberals siding with the mustang backers in my previous post.  The wild mustangs are the descendants of tools that were instrumental in the conquering of the native people, so you would think that they would condemn them, just like they condemn all things connected with Christopher Columbus, wouldn’t you?  Maybe, I’m being a bit trivial there, but here is a more blatant example.

What have unions at least publicly often said about imports, and foreign competition?  They are job killers, unfair to American workers, they cause downward pressure on wages, flooding the American market with cheap, substandard products, right?  Well check out what’s going Colorado.

source: BizPac Review

Denver changing the rules to hire undocumented immigrants as teachers

Denver public school officials are on a path to be the first school district in the country to hire teachers who were once undocumented and have not yet obtained U.S. citizenship.
The school system is working with the Teach for America program, which strives to bring “people of different backgrounds and experiences into the classroom to enhance learning,” according to the local NBC affiliate, 9NEWS Denver, which added:
“They are not licensed teachers but were issued an alternative license from the State of Colorado to teach. These teachers are currently enrolled in classes to attain their traditional teaching license after one year.”
The district plans to hire undocumented immigrants who have attained deferred-action status, allowed by an Obama executive order to those with no criminal record who were brought to America illegally by their parents.

Pleased to meet you, senior. My friends and I will be replacing you.

Now wouldn’t you think that the teacher’s union in Colorado would be bitching about this, saying that the Denver Public Schools are taking away American teachers jobs, and replacing them with substandard, poorly educated foreigners?  Wouldn’t you think that they’d be saying that this is harmful to our children?  Well, maybe someone is, but not enough to have it pop up on the internet.  At least I didn’t find anything when I just did a Google search on it.

We all need to understand that all the things the left claims to be in favor of, are just tactics, and destroying our country as we know it, is their overall strategy.  I used to struggle with the fact that liberals appeared to be so hypocritical.  They so often claim to support one thing that contradicted something else that they claimed to be in favor of.  The whole time I was blinded to what they are really trying to accomplish.

The left is neither inconsistent nor hypocritical.  They are only concerned with their main objective, and that trumps everything.  Although some of their tactics may appear to be at odds with others, that is of no concern to them.  Their goal is to weaken this country and the traditional values that made it strong, any way they can.

When you focus on their strategy rather than their tactics, it all becomes quite clear.  Their desire to destroy America explains everything they do, and when you understand this, they do not appear to be hypocritical or inconsistent at all.


  1. I can't even begin to express the level of pissed offness this makes me feel. I really, really hate stupid people....

    1. The followers are stupid, but the leaders are geniuses. They've done a much better job of instituting socialism than I ever could. If for whatever reason, I had to do it, I would have just said stuff like "Socialism is good. We should become a socialist nation", and socialism would have never gotten anywhere in this country. The leaders of the left have been very sneaky about promoting socialism, and it is very impressive how far along they have come.