Explaining the "Gender Wage Gap"

to Ms. Feminist, who speaks in italics.

What’s better a Honda or Hyundai?  

Definitely Honda, right?


I dunno, just ‘cuz.  They been at it longer, so they gotta be better.

Which is less expensive?

Definitely, Hyundai.

Which is a better value?

Uh, uh, uh, I dunno.

Which would you choose, if someone offered to give you a comparable model of either?

The Honda.


Since I do not have to pay for either, I am going to choose the one that I think is better.

Now, we’re getting somewhere.  The truth is, it doesn’t matter which car is better, most people think the Honda is better, so it can command a higher price.

That’s not fair.

What’s not fair?  The fact that Hyundai’s and Honda’s are not the same price, or that people like you are not willing to pay as much for a Hyundai as you would for a Honda?

Well I, uh, uh, uh...

Do you think that it would be a good idea if we passed a law that Honda’s and Hyundai’s be the same price?


Interesting.  Do you think it would be a good idea if we passed a law forcing people to buy the same number of Hyundai’s as Honda’s?


That’s also interesting.  How about if we were to both force people to buy the same amount of Hyundai’s as Honda’s and have them sell for the same price?

Duh!  No!


Because I should have the freedom to choose to buy what I think is best, or buy what’s less expensive, whatever I feel is best for me.

Very good!  I’m proud of you!  Now do you think that freedom should only apply to Honda’s and Hyundai’s or do you think it should apply to everything?

Don’t patronize me!  Of course, I think that it should apply to everything.

Funny, that’s not what you said at the feminist rally.


It’s called free-market economics, sports fans, and it’s not only good for Honda, it’s good for Hyundai and everyone else as well.  The only way Hyundai can compete with Honda in the free market is to provide a similar product at a lower price.  Being just as good, or even better, ain’t gonna cut it.  Hyundai will have to provide a superior value for an extended period of time, before public perception allows them to charge the same amount for their cars as Honda. Any laws passed to sidestep this reality will result in either increased consumer prices or reduced consumer choice.

This isn’t all bad news for Hyundai.  Their lower price will definitely attract buyers that otherwise, would have bought Honda’s.  Winning over customers is the only way Hyundai will ever be able to change consumer perception to the point where they view them equal to Honda.  In other words, Hyundai is going to have to deliver a better value to their customers, year after year, before consumers ever view Honda and them as equals.

After all this, do I even need to say anything about the “gender wage gap’?  I’ll just say this.  I’ve heard the feminists say just about everything concerning this matter, except stating that they are willing to be a better value for their employers for however long it takes to change their perception.


  1. Hey Neal;

    You sexist you;) Just kidding, your argument was very good, but unfortunately the feminazi's control the narrative and they are paid the same as guys in most all jobs, they and other liberals use the gender gap to pummel conservatives and males over the head on a regular basis.

    1. Well, I'm here to pummel them right back.

  2. I always wanted to be a male stripper. I demand the same pay and tips as the young hot broads even though I am middle aged and have a beer belly. Equal work for equal pay!!!

    1. What would you do if someone asked you to go with him to the V.I.P. room? Now that would be earning your money.