Donald Sterling, V. Stiviano, and You

I’m concerned about you.  I know that sometimes you get depressed that not everything in life has gone the way you planned.  Maybe you wish you had more money.  Maybe you wish you had a more prestigious job.  Maybe you wish you had more free time.  Maybe it’s some combination of these.  Maybe you’re discouraged because things haven’t worked out as well as you would have liked, even though you tried your best, your entire life.

Cheer up.  If you have a good spouse who loves you, if you have a family that admires you, if you have friends that respect you, if you have a boss and coworkers that value you, if you have all, or even some of these things, and you have been an honest, hard working human being, who has always tried to make intelligent decisions, you have done all that can be expected of you.  If you put God and others before yourself, you are a successful human being.  All the rest is just plain luck, and we don’t judge the value of a human being by the amount of luck they may have had.  Money and assets may be the value of an estate, but they not the measurement of a human being.  

A person is measured by how much he or she would be missed if they were gone, and below are two "people" who are absolutely worthless.

V. Stiviano
Is that Vee, or five?
Donald Sterling
What? Is he trying to emulate Roger Sterling
from "Mad Men"?

In a way, they were made for each other.  Both have come across their fortunes by being luckier than average bear, but both are under the delusion that somehow they are solely responsible for where they are today. (a complete lack of humility)  Both of them changed their names (A sure sign of vanity and narcissism) and both of them make me sick.

First you got Donald Tokowitz.  An ambulance chasing, divorce attorney, that just happened to be in the right place at the right time.  What better time and place for a divorce attorney than Los Angeles in the early ‘60’s?  His was born in Chicago, and his family moved to LA when he was two.  What if they would have moved to Sheboygan, Wi?   He probably wouldn’t have made any of that money he made in real estate.  Right place.  Luck.  How well would have he done in real estate if he had just gotten his start in 2005?  Right time.  Luck.  I don’t begrudge anyone’s success, but imagine that he would give 99% of the credit for his success to - himself.  The truth is he made enough money right from the start that he was able to weather any mistakes that would have wiped anyone else out.  

Now we hear that he’s a racist, in LA.  Wrong place.  In 2014, while owning an NBA team.  Wrong time.  Time and place didn’t have anything to do with luck here.  He had to know the environment he lives in.  He can’t blame any of this on bad luck.  It’s due 100% to stupidity.  He should have either kept his racism to himself, or sold the team and moved somewhere where he wouldn’t offend anyone, like the moon.  A lifelong member of the KKK wouldn’t have acted the way Tokowitz did if he was in the same situation.  Tokowitz failed on a no-brainer, and I hope he pays for it.  Maybe he can get a feel for the bumps in the road that the rest of us all feel.

Tokowitz suffers from a special kind of stupidity that comes from achieving success too easily, and then having so much money that everyone around him was afraid to correct him when he was acting stupid.  I know the type.  A real piece of shit.  Don’t let the money fool you.

And just to show you what an absolute failure the guy really is at what’s important in life, this is the result of his parenting skills:
source: Wikipedia
n 1955, Sterling married his wife, Rochelle ("Shelly") Stein, with whom he had three children: Scott Sterling (deceased), Chris Sterling, and Joanna Sterling.
In 1999, Scott Sterling at the age of 19 was arrested for shooting his childhood friend, Philip Scheid, with a shotgun at his father's Beverly Hills mansion.[27] Philip said that it was during an argument with Scott whereby he was shot in the legs from behind as he ran away. According to Los Angeles Times Magazine, their argument was reportedly over Saved by the Bell: The New Class actress Lindsey McKeon.[28] Scott said that he fired his gun in self-defense after Scheid approached him with a knife.[29] Ultimately, no charges were filed. The county district attorney's office refused to file criminal charges due to issues involving the victims' credibility.[30] The police said Donald Sterling attempted to intimidate a detective prior to his son's case being dropped.[31][32]
On January 1, 2013, Scott was found dead at the age of 32 from an apparent drug overdose at his apartment in the Malibu Beach Villas complex on Pacific Coast Highway, a property owned by the Donald T. Sterling Trust.[31][33] Shortly after, Shelly Sterling released a statement that said, "Our son Scott has fought a long and valiant battle against Type 1 Diabetes [...] His death is a terrible tragedy, the effects of which will be felt forever by our family and all those who knew and loved him." Reports suggest that Scott Sterling had injected an oral narcotic medication. The report also suggests that diabetes and oxycodone likely played a role in Scott's death.

Next we got María Vanessa Perez, what do you know, another name changer.  What, are these “people” ashamed of their heritage?  They should be ashamed of themselves.  I don’t have to say much about this loser.  Just another slut, trying fuck stupid rich men out of their money, but you just know she’s also under the illusion that somehow she has earned everything she has, including her notoriety, through her own intelligence and hard work.  I’d have some respect for her if she just admitted what she really is.  A high priced, low class whore.

Anyhow, cheer up. On your worst day, you are ten times the human being that these pieces of shit ever will be.


  1. "Maybe you wish you had more money. Maybe you wish you had a more prestigious job. Maybe you wish you had more free time. Maybe it’s some combination of these. Maybe you’re discouraged because things haven’t worked out as well as you would have liked, even though you tried your best, your entire life.

    Cheer up. If you have a good spouse who loves you, if you have a family that admires you, if you have friends that respect you, if you have a boss and coworkers that value you, "

    NOW I am depressed.

    1. Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring you down. I hope some good luck comes your way soon.

    2. Hey, my dog loves me, don't think he respects me though.

    3. I have to go feed my dog right now - A bunch of left over meat scraps. That's why he loves me.