Weakening and Tipping Our Hand

I have heard a number of people concerned with what’s going on with Russia and the Ukraine, say that we cannot afford to have another war.  They are most certainly correct about that.  I know that, they know that, and most importantly, Putin knows that.  The end result is, Putin does whatever he wants.

There was a time, not so long ago, that we couldn’t afford to go to war with the Russians either.  What’s striking to me is, the differences and the similarities between what’s going on now, and what happened in the ‘80’s.  Back then, the stakes were much higher.  We weren’t just talking about the invasion of the Ukraine, it was the survival of the entire planet.

Although the threat is always there, I haven’t heard much talk about the situation in the Ukraine leading to all-out nuclear war, not like we constantly warned of back in the ‘80’s.  Today we are told that that we don’t have to money to even appear to be serious about Putin’s aggression.  Mobilizing troops and equipment costs money.   

Russia today, is nowhere near as strong as the Soviet Union was at its height of power.   The United States, and it’s leaders of yesterday, could have easily gotten someone like Putin to back down, and we wouldn’t  even have had to fire a shot.  All it would have taken was moving troops, ships, and equipment to Europe and surrounding waters.  Today we got a $17 trillion debt.  We can’t even afford to bluff.

Not only can’t we afford to bluff, we don’t have the ability to bluff.  Back in the days of the cold war, it was easier for the U.S. to play poker with the Soviet Union, because no one was able to see our hand. That hand included the capability of our weapons and our resolve to use them.  Our enemies did not know exactly what we were capable of, or what what we willing to risk.

Even though the stakes were higher back in the old days, America was in a much better position than it is today.  Putin is well aware of our financial status and the resolve of our leader, which makes deterring him all but impossible.

You cannot blame all of this on Obama but..  oh what the hell, I’m going to blame all of it on Obama.  During his administration our national debt has grown by almost $7 trillion, and he has made it clear that he doesn’t know how to deal tyrants. Reagan actually had it easier, dealing with the enemy in some ways than Obama, but much of Obama’s disadvantage has been his own creation.

The one thing that has remained consistent over all this time is the way liberals want to deal with tyrannical world leaders.  “You got to know when to hold'em, know when to fold ‘em.” as the Kenny Rogers song goes.  Back in the day, liberals answer to tensions between the U.S. and the Soviet Union was nuclear disarmament.  Their idea was for the U.S to dismantle all it’s nuclear weapons, and then hope that the U.S.S.R. would do the same - fold’em.  Good planl  Thank God for Reagan.

Today the liberals want to just sit back, do nothing, and watch Putin, for fear of what we might lose, and because of the straits they have gotten us into, we have little choice but to do just that - fold’em.  The danger of course is that Putin will succeed in bringing the Soviet Union back to life, and then we will be dealing with the high stakes of the ‘80’s and the hand we have dealt ourselves in the 21st century.

I mentioned in a recent post that Obama makes Clinton and even Carter, look good, but he makes Reagan look utterly fantastic.


  1. True.

    The problem here too is that this is not our fight. It just isn't - the place is riddled with Ukranians and Russians that identify with Russia...and the fuggin EU? Those socialist assholes will be in the midst of a 30's style depression in 5 years or less. What kind of future can they offer Ukranians. It can be argued that Russia does indeed have the moral high ground - especially when most of the Ukranian military in the region are folding without firing a shot.

    Putin is no idiot, he knows a fool when he sees one as do the Syrians, Iranians and other international gangsters that make Obama dance like an organ grinder monkey. All these guys know that America can go from full Democrat Pussy to Republican Ass Kicker a la Ronald Reagan - in a heartbeat.

    Actually the same can be said of Germany too. Things are going to get interesting.

    1. I hope what you said in your second to last sentence is true. I can't possibly see how Germany could ever become strong again. That country is a total loss. Bestiality is not even illegal over there and it is overrun with Muslims. They have hardly shown any sign that they are willing to defend themselves or the freedom of others in the last half century.