The most amazing thing about custom vans and disco is how quickly they disappeared.  They were everywhere in 1979, and then vanished in 1980.  Do you like my play on words there?  Vanished?  Remember how the vanners did that?  Vantastic, Vantasy, Caravan, Advantage, they were all overused van names.  The fact that vans had names at all was kind of strange.  Usually only race and show cars have names, but most of these vans were daily drivers.  Can you imagine someone painting a name on a new Camaro or on a Prius?

This must be a fairly recent photo.  See the Starbucks sign?
Like so many other things from the ‘70’s, vans are often looked at with disdain.  I must admit that I really enjoy seeing a ‘70’s custom van in nice shape.  I would really like to see a late model customized cargo van.  Has anyone ever done it?

Your canvas is waiting vanners, have at it.

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