Top Twelve (thirteen or fourteen) Alternatives to Expensive Classic Muscle Cars

I purposely omitted '73 and later Camaros, Firebirds, and '73 Mustangs because they were too obvious, and I'm going to count '73-'74 Chargers, '73 Roadrunners, '73-74 Challengers, and Barracudas as muscle cars.

12. ‘78-’83 Ford Fairmont/Mercury Zephyr

Extra cheap. Good aftermarket parts availability (Fox Mustang)

11. Any year AMC Gremlin/Hornet
You might have had to grow up near Kenosha, WI to understand.

10. ‘83-’88 Ford Thunderbird/Mercury Cougar
Two words: Fox Mustang.

9. ‘78-’79 Dodge Magnum
Gotta give the Mopar guys some love. You know, now that I see this picture, I might have put these higher on the list.

8. ‘80-’83 Dodge Mirada/Chrysler Cordoba
I think that these cars actually look pretty cool.

7. Ford Maverick/Mercury Comet
One of the smallest, lightest American cars to come from the factory with V8's.

6.5 '74 and '75 Plymouth Roadrunners
6.5? Hey it's an after thought that I added in. So shoot me.

6. ‘76-’80 Dodge Aspen/Plymouth Volare’
Not bad looking cars. Available with V8's, lots of potential.

5. ‘73-’77 GM G Body
Don't think these cars can look tough? Check out mid-'70's NASCAR photos and video.

4. ‘73-’76 Dodge Dart, Demon/Plymouth Valiant, Duster
I'm sure this would be number one for all the Mopar fans.

3. ‘73-’76 Ford Torino/Mercury Cougar
Two reasons: Starsky and Hutch

2. ‘78-’83 GM A body/’78-88 GM G Body
Oh yeah, I'm going to include '73 - '79 Novas and the like (GM X body), here too.

1. Any station wagon or four door that is a model sibling to a classic muscle car.
It's as close as you're ever going to get without actually being there. The two door versions have long since, become too expensive.

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