Tesla Car Supporters Live in a Fantasy World

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Tesla car fans and stockholders are living in a fantasy world.  They not only refuse to see the car’s blatant shortcomings, they manufacture imaginary challenges.  Here’s a couple of examples.

sourced: Wired

Car Dealers Are Terrified of Tesla’s Plan to Eliminate Oil Changes

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Car dealers fear Tesla. In states across the country, powerful car dealer associations have lobbied to ensure the electric car maker and its direct-sales model are kept out. This movement claimed another victory this week when New Jersey banned Tesla stores in the state.
On the surface, the fear is hard to fathom. In New Jersey, for instance, sales of Tesla’s $70,000 Model S reportedly number in the hundreds. But if you dig a little deeper, it becomes obvious why dealers are worried. They don’t just fear Tesla’s cars. They fear Tesla’s plan to create a world where you never have to bring your car into the shop again.
The first and most striking way Tesla kills the dealer service department cash cow is downloads. As part of its sales pitch, Tesla says you should think of its Model S sedan as “an app on four wheels.” That may sound like vacuous Silicon Valley marketing copy, but the company isn’t just being metaphorical. Software is at the heart of what keeps Teslas running. These internet-connected cars are designed to self-diagnose their problems. The vehicles can also download software fixes or updates — even new features — much like an iPhone when Apple puts out a new version of iOS. When fixes happen over the air, there’s no need for a shop in the first place.

source: finance.yahoo.com

One Foe Tesla can’t conquer: The lowly car dealer

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk obviously hates to lose. But the escalating battle he’s fighting with auto dealers in various states is beginning to look like one fight he shouldn’t have picked.
New Jersey is the latest state to ban or limit Tesla (TSLA) from selling cars through company-owned stores rather than traditional franchised dealerships, and New York and Ohio may now do something similar. They’d be joining Texas, Arizona, Virginia, Minnesota and Georgia in restricting Tesla’s direct-to-consumer sales model. The standoff seems to have glazedTesla’s stratospheric stock, which fell more than 4% on the distressing news from New York and New Jersey. “Dealers have been here for 100 years and they’re here to stay,” says Seth Berkowitz, president of car-research site Edmunds.com. “Tesla may just have to moderate its sales model.”

Now, you want to see an article that tells the truth about Tesla?  I highlighted the good part in yellow.
source: The Motley Fool

Tesla Motors Inc.'s Elon Musk Is a Humongous Hypocrite

Elon Musk hates it when the government picks winners and losers, unless he's the one getting the prize.
The South African-born founder of Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA  ) , SolarCity (NASDAQ:SCTY  ) , and Space Exploration Technologies (that's SpaceX to you) is on a PR crusade against New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, whose support of that state's auto-dealership regulations predictably clashes with Musk's desire to forge boldly ahead in the rough-and-tumble world of unfettered free-market capitalism:
[T]he Administration and the [New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission] are thwarting the Legislature and going beyond their authority to implement the state's laws at the behest of a special interest group looking to protect its monopoly at the expense of New Jersey consumers. This is an affront to the very concept of a free market [emphasis added].
Predictably, Musk's legion of fans -- who have refined the entrepreneur-as-savior worshipfulness once reserved for the late Steve Jobs to performance art -- have been savaging Christie, New Jersey, and anyone else who would dare stand in the way of progress. Wonderful, wonderful progress! How dare anyone block Musk as he struggles nobly to ... make money? Build a successful business? No! To save the planet and the whole dang human race! How dare those dirty Mafiosos in the Trenton statehouse stand athwart the History of Musk the Great, waving rulebooks?
But what does Elon Musk really know about competing in a "free" market, anyway? Since the PayPal buyout in 2002, Musk has founded three companies: a rocket builder (SpaceX), an electric-car company (Tesla), and a solar-panel installer (SolarCity). Eagle-eyed readers might recognize a common thread among these three enterprises -- all of them have been largely or entirely dependent on government support.
Elon Musk and President Barack Obama tour a SpaceX facility at Cape Canaveral.
Source: NASA employee Bill Ingalls.

Ooooohh!  The car dealers are sooooo powerful, yet at the same time, they’re “terrified”.  Trust me no one is terrified of this flash in the pan, joke of a car, whose customers have to be bribed by our government in order to make a purchase.

Here’s a tip for the powerful, yet terrified car dealers.  You want to kill Tesla?  Kill the subsidy.  Or, you could do nothing.  Either way the car is going to fail.  Once all the stupid people who can readily part with $70,000 (and there’s just not that many of them) for a car that is essentially, broken down at least eight out of every 24 hours, have bought one, and learn for themselves, what a stupid purchase they have made, who will be left to buy one?  
Almost every day, another Tesla owner learns first hand, why his purchase wasn’t such a good idea.  Like when he wants to go somewhere at night but his car is recharging, or when he wants to go somewhere over 300 miles away, but his car would need recharging, or when he wants to do some project in his garage, but can’t because his car needs to be in there, recharging, or when the power went out from a storm, and his car didn’t recharge, or he’s stuck in slow traffic, on a cold winter’s night, and has to turn off his headlights and heater, because his car needs recharging, or when he has some problem out in the middle of nowhere, and cannot drive it to a service center, because it’s over 300 miles away, or if he runs out of charge on some lowly highway, and some good samaritan with a gas can and an offer for a ride to a gas station is no use to him, or the beating he is going to take in depreciation, or the increase in his electric bill, or the fact that he cannot park and charge overnight at many motels, or a buddies house.  Boy, that’s a long sentence.  I’m getting tired of typing.


  1. About a year ago, Yahoo had an article about the Tesla being their number one recommended car, the model they picked was ridiculously priced at about 150 Grand or some obscene amount. So yours truly leaves a snarky remark in the comments section, saying at the time why would Yahoo recommend a car that most people would pay more than their house for? Most people would have to live in it as well as drive it. I said for 13-20 grand you could get a Ford Focus or a Ford Fiesta which are by no means luxury cars but are actually decent cars that people can afford. I continued to ridicule their car so bad that the Yahoo writer actually officially responded to my comments. It was such a joke of an article. He must have been paid by Tesla to write it. I made the same point to him that you did. If this is such a great car why does the government have to subsidize it? And its still over priced. And this was before all their car-b-q's started happening.

    1. I have ALWAYS been suspicious of writers and auto publications. I believe Motor Trend gave both the Chevy Vega and Renault Alliance, car of the year awards. I believe that the auto writers are pushing the Tesla, but why? Anyone with any amount of common sense and reasoning ability can see that the car is destined for failure. Tesla's are like the AMC Pacer (except they are.way more expensive and way less practical), there's a certain amount amount of people that like new, quirky cars, but once all of them get one, there's no one else who wants them.