It's Getting Harder and Harder to Defend Obamacare

I found this while looking at The Outrider,  It’s getting harder and harder to defend this turkey called Obamacare.  You have to wonder when the its supporters are going to give up in order to save what’s left of their own credibility.  They’re really grasping at straws now.  Instead of denying that Obamacare is going to cost us all a lot of money, they’re now arguing about when it’s going to start costing us a lot of money.

I Guess You Have To Have Some Business Experience To Know How Business Taxes Work

Matt Drudge set off a shit storm on Twitter because he paid his first of estimated quarterly taxes this year for fiscal year 2014. Anyone who knows anything about running a business knows this is how it is done. You pay your estimated taxes before they are due to keep your tax load manageable and make it easier for the IRS to keep an  eye on you.
He tweeted out that he paid this installment including his Obamacare penalty which he dubbed the catchy “liberty tax” and many on the left do not like it that their dirty laundry was exposed. You see they want this kept under wraps until after the mid-term elections which accounts for many of the delays in full implementation. Maybe if these wing-nuts had some business experience at running…well…anything they would understand how their ruse to win votes fell short. I guess when you live in  academia and your only real world  experience is as a “Community Shit StirrerOrganizer” or a cushy talking head media con job, you can expect to  get blind sided by reality.

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