Exposing and Explaining My Bias

To start with, I want to acknowledge the possibility that I may be prejudiced by my own bias.  I prefer American bikes and cars to foreign vehicles, and therefore I prefer the riders and drivers of American bikes and cars to the riders and drivers of foreign vehicles.  Wait, maybe it’s the other way around.

Maybe I like American performance/collector cars more is because the owners of American vehicles tend to be less of a bunch of douche bags, than the owners of foreign collector/performance cars, even though there are many, many more American collector/performance and cars and owners.

Which car owner would you most
likely see going the speed limit?
Which car owner is most likely to
cut you off, with out using his
turn signal?

Like I said, I could be wrong, but how many times more owners of American muscle cars are there in this country, than owners of BMW’s?  Like a billion?  Now, which owners (at least on a percentage basis), are most likely to appear as if they think the rules of the road, safety, and common courtesy, do not apply to them?  What type of bikes are most likely to be seen, breaking the speed limit, weaving through traffic on a busy multiple lane highway?

Who's more likely to be breaking
the rules of the road?
Who's more likely to help you
if you're broke down on the
side of the road?

Which type of vehicle owners are most likely to have an “I can beat the shit out of it as much as I want, but don’t you dare so much as touch it, let alone sit on, or in it.” attitude?  Which type of vehicle owners are least likely to help you if you need a jump start, have flat tire, or some other type of roadside emergency?  Which type of vehicle owners are most likely to act as if they think that not only are their vehicles are better than yours, but they are better than you are?  Which vehicle owners, when you figure in the cost of maintenance, and depreciation are the most full of shit in their evaluation of which cars and bikes are actually better?

And finally, which type of vehicle owners are most likely to actually know anything about repairing and maintaining their vehicles?

And you wonder why I think so many owners of BMW’s, Porsche’s (That's pronounced Porsh, by the way, not Porsh-a.), and Audi’s are assholes.  There’s plenty of douche bags that own American iron too, but on a percentage basis, it’s not even close.

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