Battle of the Sexes

Read this article from Blazing Cat Fur, and tell me what conclusions you draw from it.  

Who do you think, as a group, is behaving more intelligently?  The boys or the girls?

I’ll give you a couple days to come up with your answer.

Hint:  What conclusion do you think the feminists would draw?  What has been the feminists’ track record been on being correct?

Nearly a third of women — 32% — had a bachelor’s at age 27, compared with 24% of men, the Labor Department said Wednesday.

The finding is part of a comprehensive study on employment and education levels of America’s young adults, based on surveys that last occurred in 2012.

A greater share of young women also had at least some college, if not a degree, than did men.

More than two-thirds — 70% — of female 27-year-olds had a bachelor’s or at least attended some college, the report said. That compared to 61% of men.

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