A Comment and Response that I Think Everyone Should See

While computerization and software can replace some jobs at this point in time it cannot and will not replace many jobs that can ONLY be done by a real person. The idea that a nurse or other healthcare worker can be replaced is ludicrous. We will need to have robotic entities on the level of the robot portrayed in Bicentennial Man or Commander Data of Star Trek in order to see complex multifaceted jobs being done by non humans. That technology is not here now. It may not arrive for decades. Even jobs that are mostly intellectual cannot be done completely and properly by computers given today's level of sophistication. In fact until computers achieve true sentience they are ONLY as good as the program they process and
that program is ONLY as good as the people who wrote it.

  1. The nurses will NOT be replaced by ROBOTS, but highly, skilled, trained, educated, and paid nurses, WILL be replaced with much less skilled, trained, and paid people with computers telling them what to do, instead of people, having to figure things out by themselves, so the end result will be the SAME for the nursing profession as if they WERE REPLACED by robots. We have already seen this happen in other industries. Technology is NOT replacing physical labor, as we dreamed might happen in the '50's and '60's, but it is replacing the need for intelligence and skill. What's happening now is actually worse for the human condition in the workplace than if robots were replacing workers. You take away the skill required, and you take away the decent pay and any sense of self satisfaction a job might provide. A perfect example is a cashier. They used to have to be able to count out correct change, now the cash register just tells them how much change to give. That's why they cannot handle any curve balls, and the checkout line sometimes moves slower than it did in the old days, even though the cash register is telling them what to do. Check out this movie, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idiocracy Its a dumb movie, but it is also very prophetic. Between the performance of our public schools and what is required of our workers, we are creating a nation of idiots. What used to require a craftsman, or a professional, can now be done by a computer and an illegal immigrant.

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