Over 20 Bankers Dead Now, Worldwide, from Suspicious Causes

It's a big world out there, and there are a lot of bankers, but at what point do you think this number will be to large to explain away as coincidence?  30?  40?  At this rate, we'll reach that number before the snow melts.  Keep your eyes open, as this will not be covered much by the MSM.  It's looking more and more, like the The Conservative Wife was right.  Check out the video below.  The whole thing's good, but pay particular attention to what he says at about the 7:20 mark.


  1. "One is accident, two a concidence, three is enemy action". Ian Fleming.

    The odds of this many people in the financial sector dying from these types
    of incidents in this short a time span is about as close to zero as one could
    realistically get. We may never know who is behind all this or why this is happening
    but only a fool would believe it's not happening for a reason.

    1. I hope we find out. I bet there's A LOT more to the story than anyone knows or even speculated about so far.