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Anyone can repost something someone else wrote, or write their opinions.  How many bloggers do you know who actually do actual investigative journalism?   A. Petree, A.K.A. The Conservative Wife has really done some digging here, and has come up a story that reads like the script of major Hollywood movie.  I think you will be amazed with what she has come up with.  I gotta give her credit, she puts more effort into this than I do.  Pretty impressive.

The Conservative Wife

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Banker Suicides, Central Bank Fire And Global Currency Manipulation

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UPDATE: Another JP Morgan Executive has committed suicide today, 2/18/2014. Will update as more info becomes available.

I have been researching the deaths of the 6 bankers who supposedly committed suicide and what I have uncovered is disturbing to say the least. So disturbing in fact, that I have mailed copies of my findings to top trusted individuals.

On February 5, 2014, the Argentine Central Bank was destroyed by a fire in Buenos Aires. They are a Boston, Massachusetts
based company known as Iron Mountain, Inc. They manage, store and destroy documents and tapes for over 156, 000 companies in 36 countries. Mainly, corporate and banking industry documents, as well as health documents. They have recently been working with the IRS to convert to an REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) with the hope of attracting investors. No ruling on that from the IRS yet.

I started digging a little more and discovered that the 6 suicidal bankers worked for companies that had dealings with Iron Mountain, Inc. In fact, Deutche Bank is under investigation by international regulators for supposed currency manipulation. They even fired a currency trader in Argentina in the middle of the investigation. The President of Argentina had instructed the securities regulator to verify whether the companies it regulates had documents on deposit at the Iron Mountain facility.

And then, the whole thing went up in flames. Seems very unlikely to me that a company that houses the world's most sensitive documents and tapes wouldn't have better precautions in place to prevent a fire from destroying everything.


  1. Good article. Read it twice.

  2. Thanks Neil. And thank you, too, Johny. I appreciate it.

  3. Sorry for being off topic, but this really pisses me off.


    1. I know. I about puked. A patriot? Funny how the letters d I c t a t o r don't spell patriot.

  4. If you want a Blogger who is an investigative reporter, you should go read Emptywheel.
    Marcy boggles the mind with the amount of dirt she digs up, I am as serious as a heart attack.


    Go through some of her archives to get an idea why politicians wet their pants when they hear her name. She is all over the CIA,NSA,FBI, Congress, Business crooks, Presidential misconduct.

    You name it, she has covered it.

    That woman is a national treasure.

    1. Phil - I checked it out. You are correct.