Oh, the lengths they're willing to go to perpetuate the "Obama was born in Hawaii" lie.

I found this at The Daily Smug

New Evidence In The Loretta Fuddy Assassination, New Video Footage Reveals Foul Play, See It For Yourself

This video from videographer, Butterdezillion, raises some good questions in the Loretta Fuddy case.
One question is why are their 10 people in the water before help arrives, when there were only 9 people on the plane.
Then, the mainstream media reports on the plane crash as 1 person deceased, before the the rescue team even arrived on the scene? How could there have been any information on number of casualties before help arrived on the scene? This reminds me of the BBC reporting on tower number 3 falling 20 minutes before it fell on 911.
One of the victims in the plane crash took personal video after the crash while floating in the water. In the video clips we are allowed to see, there are 10 people in the water and a unidentified object in the water that appears to be a diver. But it’s hard to be sure.
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