I'll Tell You Why

source: The Last Tradition

Teachers sex abuse scandals much worse than Catholic Church, Yet No National Outcry Guess Why?

For the past several months I have made it my business to publish every incident involving teachers both male and female arrested for sleeping with students.  Some as young as 14 years old.  Each time an arrested is made local parents are shocked and appalled that the teachers they’ve entrusted for the education and safety of their children crossed a moral line.

But, although these incidents are reported on the local news, what doesn’t happen is any kind of report by the major news networks, or any editorial by The New York Times or Washington Post declaring that there’s a crisis going on in all parts of the country.

However, there wasn’t a shortage of national news reports or op ed pieces when Catholic priests were the culprits of sex abuse involving children.  But, when it comes to teachers, nothing!  No connecting of the dots, no effort to say we have an epidemic in progress.  And the only conclusion I can draw is that teachers are a very important special interest group to a particular political party.  The same political party that wanted the FCC to monitor the nation’s newsrooms.

We have a crisis going on and it needs to be addressed with a national debate on how to fix it.  Teachers are abusing our children and their well being should be more important than a special interest group that is protected by the Democrat Party.

This is a no brainer.  The priest sex/Catholic Church cover up scandal was over inflated by liberal media outlets, in order to destroy the Catholic Church.  Teachers, for the most for the most part, are liberals, so no matter what they do, it will be ignored by the MSM, unless it involves a young, attractive, female teacher, which always attracts viewers/readers.

Eventually people are going to realize that the MSM doesn’t believe anything they say and they are just driving a liberal agenda.


  1. What is with all these hot young female teachers boning their students? Seriously I hate double standards but I am sure most if not all those boys were not traumatized at all. I just do not understand why all these women would mess up their lives like this. WTF?

    1. I could give you a long three page answer, but it just boils down to THEY'RE STUPID! Do you think ANY of those chicks grew up having any responsibility at all? No! They had gotten away with not having to exercise ANY responsibility their ENTIRE lives. They never had to work for anything, and they always took the easiest road. That's why they chose to major in education. Start reading Captain Capitalism, http://captaincapitalism.blogspot.com/
      He takes the time to explain, in detail how and why these women got to be so stupid.