Maybe This Will Make Them Understand

There are few things more frustrating than trying to explain something to a low information person, using reason, facts, and logic. Since their only source of information is the MSM, many of them think conservatives are evil, greedy, rich people, and liberals are champions of the poor and disadvantaged.

I’ve been trying to get through to them (with limited success) for years.  Maybe they have so little experience with reason and logic, that they are unable to relate.   Perhaps, I have been using the wrong approach.

It has been said that music is a universal language.  Maybe these two songs explain the difference between liberals and conservatives, better than I ever could.

First we have a song that explains the liberal way of thinking.  Nothing but a bunch of “what if’s”.  No cause and effect relationships.  No accounting for unintended consequences.  No learning from experience, and absolutely no being held accountable for your actions.

Now a song that explains the conservative mind.  It’s all about learning from, and PAYING FOR, one’s mistakes, not repeating them, and using knowledge acquired throughout life to help one avoid other making other mistakes in the future.

Can you think of any two songs that do better job of comparing liberals to conservatives.  Now imagine the type of people who would relate more to the first song and the type of people that would relate more to the second.  Which type of people would you rather:

  • have for neighbors?
  • marry your children?
  • have for coworkers?
  • have in government?

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