Who are the Golden Geese?  You are, perhaps without even knowing it.  Like the proverbial goose that lays the golden eggs, you, your fathers, and the many generations before created almost everything that is good about America.  You settled and farmed its land, fought its wars, built its infrastructure, manned its factories that created our goods, ran its businesses, and brought fourth an era of creativity, inventiveness, productivity, prosperity, and wealth that the world has never seen anywhere else.  You are also the major source of personal income tax revenue for our state and federal governments.

            This being the case, one would think that the recipients of these tax dollars would be eternally grateful to you.  Instead, we have “leaders” who look down their noses at us and beneficiaries of these tax dollars that vote against our interests every chance they get.  It would be easy to get angry with these groups of people, but it is really nobody’s fault but our own that things have gotten the way they are.  We have been complacent, we have not been paying attention.  We have been so preoccupied with taking care of ourselves and our families, trying to make ends meet, that we forgot that there is more to the equation of success than just working hard.  Meanwhile, our opposition has had their sights set upon us and firing as fast as they can reload.  At the same time, somehow they have managed to make us afraid to defend our culture and ourselves by branding attempts to do so as bigoted or racist.

            It seems that every group and sub-group of people these days has an organization to promote their interests.  Corporations and industries have been doing this for years and it seems that there is no end of left leaning groups out there.  It’s surprising that the working taxpayer (still the majority) has so few organizations to speak for them.  Oh, sure there are some conservative groups out there, but either their focus is so narrow, or they appear sophisticated and overeducated that the average working man has a hard time trying to relate to them.  It’s time for you, the Golden Geese to be represented, respected, talked to a way you want to be talked to, and be spoken for. 

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